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Hi family.
In the last 7 days I tried to figure out what is the best mobile dApp for the STEEM blockchain - in my opinion.
I used on a daily base @esteemapp and @partiko on both versions, Android and iOS.
The winner for me is clear: @partiko
Find out in the video why.

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day.

Love from Barcelona

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Thank you pet.society for tipuing me.
Greetings from Barcelona

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Thanks for a great video @hauptmann, and really nice points you brought up.

So for me I have 2 major complaints about eSteem, and that is the interface is too small on my 5 inch phone, and that it does not work with Actifit reports, not for editing and not for viewing, on the upside they do have a better slider for upvoting and they do have night mode.

As to Partiko they are dormant when it comes to support, and on many occasions the notifications don't work, and when they come back up they do not include the notifications that where missing, and they do not have night mode, plus their Witness server went stale since HF21.

So what I do is to make quite a bit of commenting with Partiko, then using Steemreply to answer comments, and to combine this with SteemPeak.

Stay Awesome!

Hi @flaxz, we have increased font size on posts which will come with new version. If you can elaborate on other issue, we will be happy to improve it as well. Thanks!

Thanks for the answer, so the issue I have with the interface goes deeper than the font size, it's also that I when I made a post the title did not scroll so I only saw one line while writing it, and the other issue is with Actifit posts, I can't see any images if I open up a post and editing the posts breaks Actifits coding.

Hey flaxz, thank you so much for your valuable feedback and for watching my review. I agree on your points regarding partiko and I hope they will wake up anytime soon.
Have a great day, hope the sun is shining in Sweden.
Greetings from Barcelona

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Thanks for mention and review. We are working on much more improvement and feedback you have given will be valuable to make certain choices in design, user experience.

Thank you esteemapp for checking my review and considering my feedback. Of course I leave your app on my phone and I am looking forward for the updates. You guys do an amazing job and I appreciate your hustle for the community. Greetings from Barcelona

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I use both and I have found eSteem to be a little faster and has more wallet options. The referral code from Partiko is great, but I am concerned with the lack of communication from Partiko about their continued development. But I hope what you say about them communicating again is true.