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Hi DTube family.
Do you remember the young travelers, Yana and Sergo, I supported and introduced to Steemit and DTube back in Summer 2018?
Well, today I thought I will give you an update on that!
More about that in the video above!

Thank you very much for watching and have a wonderful day!

Love from Barcelona

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Btw do you record your audio on some different device? Cuz it looks a bit lagged...like..0.1 second or similar :D...or is it just my computer? :D


Well yeah... realized it after uploading. Seems to been a problem while saving into mp4. Never happen before.., will have to double check tomorrow. But thanks for watching anyway 🤙🏼

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Hah I always at least click thru your videos, they are suuper positive from some reason. Either its you or my great memories of Barca haha :D Anyway, it's sad that they didn't get back to you. The video with two of them was btw the first one I've watched from you. Im pretty sure...or maybe the second one, the firsdt one was you talking about engagement or something similar. I remember you gave them 4 euros or something right? Maybe they didnt find it enough to start steemit...but yeah, they could at least get back to you. On the other side, such traveling like they do is crazy...you meet people every day and it's not possible to get back to everyone.

i see your disappointment and i had some similar experiences. what i realized is that some people just show curiosity to be polite and some really catch fire. so i tend to mention it and then i leave them with the planted seed. if they caught fire they'll come back to me. If not, cool.


I don't know how many colleagues of mine asked me about how it works and what it makes, but not a single one joined. For some, I created an account for them, and they still not even activated it. I don't get it! Well, sooner or later they will all say, "I should have listen to you back then" hahahah Have a good one buddy, greetings from Barcelona

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