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Hi family.
Today I talk about the latest news about Justin Sun, founder of TRON buying the yearly charity lunch with Warren Buffet for 4.56 MILLION $.
What is your take on this? Please let me know about in the comments below or in a video response.
Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day.

Love from Barcelona

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That is just too crazy. Well since the money is going to the charity, then it seems to be helpful but that figure is still surprising

Yes, I see it positive in any direction. Greetings from Barcelona

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First of all I believe bad publicity is still publicity. Who cares if Sun is the wrong person, he was able to carry a beacon to Buffet and talk to him about crypto 1 on 1.
As much as I know Buffet, I have always read that Buffet is a solo player. That means whether or not Sun is able to shift tides in Buffet's head, if Buffet likes it he will do it himself. If he doesn't like it but intrigues him, he will do research on it.

It is a win win situation, and we have to remember that if Sun spoke about tron or just random chats, it does relate to all of the crypto sphere. Which is a win win.

Thank you for your 2cents on this topic. I am happy to read you are on a same page with me. Let's see what will be the outcome of the meeting.
Greetings from Barcelona

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@hauptmann, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on the news about the charity lunch with Warren Buffet. I am really very curious about what the outcome of this meeting will be. I think it will be very interesting meeting.

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Yes... I agree my friend. Let's see what effect it'll have. Hopefully just positive. Greetings from Barcelona

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4.56mil$? wow.... can feed me for yearsssssssssssss