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Hi family.
Happy Sunday to you all.
Today I want to share some sweet shots from the skate park Mar Bella here in Barcelona.
Hope you enjoy and have fun watching it.
Thank you.

Love from Barcelona

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Getting that b-roll eheheh

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se ve como un excelente dia, aqui no he visto ese tipo de parques, salvo algunos spots de los que los skaters de adueñan.

I am not much of a skater but there are sooooo many here in Barcelona. Street style and in plenty tlof those parks. Greetings to Venezuela from Barcelona

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Happy Sunday! Love from Bangladesh

Thanks buddy. Will text you these next days regarding the promised gift for winning the Forum trailer contest. Are you available on discord? Best greetings

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Yes, Catch me hafizullah#3419

Nice. It will be great to visit Barcelona one day

This city has so many different things to offer, so for yure you will have your fun. Let me know when you will be here and I'll make sure to show you around. Greetings from Barcelona

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Oh. But I don't really know yet

That’s the tube close to my battle field for running!

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Good to know Eddie, next time I come over to get some running shots from you. What you think? Some cool drone shots and slow mo's? We can make a running for Steem promo video out of it. See you soon my friend. Thanks for passing by

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Awesome stuff bro.
Mar bella park is beautiful.
You can use the #steemskate tag for your skate related content so we can find your post easier, upvote it and resteem it so more skaters can see your work.
Cheers buddy.