Dtube Travel Gear Essentials: Every Person Should Own This Bag/Meeting Up With Another Steemian Next Week | Vlog 45

in #dtube3 years ago

As promised from 3 videos ago, I bought a new travel bag for my clothes!

As I was packing everything in, I realized every dtuber, content creator, traveler NEEDS to own this bag. It's perfect for travel, perfect for packing a week's worth of clothes.

I'm making a video with another Steemian Next week

I actually brought him into steemit a while back and he's been doing really well. So now we're planning on creating cool content together. I'll keep you updated :)

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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Yeah, man! There's nothing like a good satchel, a good tote. A great pack :) Cheers, my friend!

Thanks man! This bag is changing my view on how much stuff I actually need to own

I love your videos, keep putting them out there and see you in the great city of bangkok!

Bro, we're going to make the most epic video ever. :)

I like the sound of that!

Nice Video !

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Wow! Nice bag!
Traveling sure looks exausting! :D

Good luck man with your visa stuff!

Hey @harshilpatel, you got a new bag 😱😱😄. Nice one man. Also, is it just you staying in that room? That's like a lot of beds 😄. Have an amazing day. Take care now 😄.

Live that minimalist life! We all need less than we think.

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