Segwit 2x Scam Fork?

in dtube •  2 years ago  (edited)

The Secret Behind The Segwit 2X Fork. Who is the team. What are the changes. Is this the real thing.

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I really like how you put your videos together , gotta look into dtube for sure. I’m hoping this change is able to help change how transactions are dealt with on Bittrex and others and goosing for a price rise !

yea, we'll see. If this coin is trying for the small to medium transactions, I guess it's competing with Bitcoin cash. hmm. Interesting times.

Great video! I'm actually rendering a video I just did as well talking about this "fake imposter" segwit2x coin.

The little rat bastards are essentially stealing Satoshi's portion of the coins and redistributing them. SMH

LOL. I also talk bout the Ignis Airdrop as well which I ended up balls deep in. It is getting crazy out there with that situation but NXT was getting smashed and I kept buying. I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow. It could crash some more. It is going to happen at 4:30 am Arizona time and the B2X hardfork is going to happen around Noon tomorrow. So if I can I will try to play both but I'm not counting on it.

I'll be over to see your vid on segwit. How did things play out for you with the dual forks today?

It didn't really go so well to be honest. Here is what happened. It was Terminator 2 Judgement Day out on Bittrex and HitBTC. The Bots won and the humans got destroyed. I watched from the sidelines and thought about maybe putting more money in to get my average on NXT way down but ended up not doing it because I'm too deep in it already. Then I went back to bed and when I finally got up I felt sick but made it over to my computer finally and the plan was to temporarily sell out of my NXT on HitBTC and then buy Bitcoin and hold that for about 4 or 5 blocks enough to be in the snapshot and then sell that for NXT again to retake my original position there.

Well I was one block too late but I wasn't real worried about it to be honest with you because I will be surprised if the B2X coins ever really show up. They might end up being like Bitcoin Diamonds where we never hear from them and they never show up on an exchange. Plus I think they will be trading for $50 / coin if they do. But I may be wrong. I think cat is out of the bag on these imposters and their plan to dump a huge amount of coins they are going to insta mine.

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moment of 3:50 with coin was magical :D seems you are more into editing now :D thnx for information

hey rad logo by the way. I never noticed the dollar signs in the head piece.
glad you appreciated the little bit of magic. We need to have some fun along the way.

Ayeeee congrats! All of your research and time you spent working on your vlogging skills are paying off big time!

Yeah I had no idea the developers were different, but the 4 mb upgrade as well as the air drop isn't making me mad what so ever!

yea, for real. Please keep forking bitcoin. This is getting really crazy. Bitcoin GOD fork is coming this week too I think.

I smell another fork, another splitting and another increase in bitcoin price... lol the drama continues

Yep for real. I think we have a BTC GOD fork coming this week. Truth. It's pretty crazy times. The drama is priceless. I can't help but smile. More bitcoin. less problems.

you must be right about this.
We will wait and see what will happen

yes. lets see. free money is always nice.

Interesting post,I hope next one will be more interesting.I am following you.

thank you

thanks for the sharing the video. i am looking forward how people acept this one and getting feedback!

yea, it will be interesting. I've been surprised with Bitcoin gold progress, so I would expect this fork to do ok.
We'll see. Cheers.

Thanks, you cleared all my doubts

nice. Thanks for your comment @polarg.

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what thats dude ?
That Scam

yes dude. crazy scam time. hide

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@happymoneyman - Wow Sir, we all crazy about this fork, but thanks Sir, without you we will never know those facts... Excellent video Sir...


will poloniex support this one ??

Bitcoin plastic, bitcoin aluminium, bitcoin bronze....:) all these tries to make money out of thin air will have negative impacts at some point. I personally don't hold any bitcoin at the moment but I found very useful your warning not to get our bitcoin stuck in the meme poll especially now when there are dips in the market.
Enjoy your free coins :)

wonderful video you gave the every detail of it :)

i just hope i got some free cash lol

first they cancel and then start again great to see your video today

Keep spreading the good info... You have a nice cameo on my last tutorial post, check it out...