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Hello Steemians! This video is our way of sharing the story of how and why we've left YouTube for the greener pastures of Steemit and DTube 😉


We hope you enjoy watching and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic. What has your experience been on YouTube? Does a boycott of the platform resonate with you? Let us know in the comments 🤗

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Dtube is much better than youtube.i think next year competition start between 3 sites.
But the video creator is happy.steemit best I think

I think YouTube and Facebook will slowly wither away, the competition will be between DTube and LBRY, and possibly Alexandria if they haven't fallen too much behind already ;)

That -1 made me laugh out loud. It's so nice to see you two laughing and happy ❤️

Haha me too girl! Thank you ❤️

Same here. I want D.Tube to work so greatly, I'm spending everyday to develop quality apps such as a project I'm currently creating called @slangtionary. The only way to better the world is to create a better one. Love and positivity to y'all. Spread the word, invite your friends. Also, If y'all don't already, I recommend using over because their user interface is much nicer.

@markhalen totally agree! And we can create a better world by actively supporting platforms that align with our values. I'm interested in slangtionary - I'll check it out now. I haven't looked into, I've only heard of it but as you've recommended it I'll have to have a look 😊

It's great, that you managed to block this guy.Yet another reason to promote Steemit

Yes it certainly is! We're getting all our friends to sign up now 🤗

The people have spoken and you two speak for millions (maybe even billions)!! Facebook and Youtube have become Totalitarianist in the way they handle their platforms and as has been shown again and again throughout history, that can and will never work. THANK YOU :=)

Thank you @markgrov I guess YouTube will have to learn that the hard way!

Very cool :) Congrats, guys.

Hey! I recognise your name 😊 Welcome!

Me too! It’s me, Tiredlady! Glad you’re here!

steemit and dTube needs to be the future! going to make a video on my channel trying to get more people over here! ;)

Excellent 😃 They will be thanking you in the future!

YAS guys. :) Get these awful narcs off the Internet for good and let genuine content rise again.

Amen sister! ❤️

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Glad to see that you've found somewhere that is more positive than youtube :)

Thank you! 🧡 Feels amazing to be able to upload and post without fear of harassment!

No problem :) youtube is toxic and rewards those who make the most controversial and vile videos with no consequences. I agree, Its refreshing to be on steemit to find a positive place to discuss issues without harassment and trolls. I enjoy the posts you have so far and hope that u do well. Sending my well wishes for australia! :)

Thank you! Sending well wishes back from across the Tasman :)

Great video! So glad to meet you all in this space :)

Thanks! Nice to meet you too 🙂

YouTube does have some issues. Did you see their most recent changes to the requirements to get monetised they made today? It's ridiculous.

I wouldn't boycott the platform personally, but I wouldn't be only on YouTube. Having all of your eggs in one basket is a bad idea and YouTube keep making themselves less enticing as a basket, but they do still have the biggest audience base, music policies meaning you can use songs with certain restrictions on them but you aren't likely to get sued over it as the artists collect their part of hte ad revenue and go on on their merry way, and good quality videos.

I am currently posting on both YouTube and Dtube but depending on what Dtube's time frame is for increasing video quality (i.e. past 480p) I may also be uploading some videos to Dailymotion. These videos going on DailyMotion would be ones that for some reason people can't see on YouTube such as ones limited in some countries due to music or if a video gets age restricted (since I could easily have a 17 year old watching even and they miss out because a video pushed it just slightly too far, even though their hypothetical 17 year old has parents who are perfectly okay with them watching it) etc.

YouTube's latest changes that they made today though are very harmful to small channels and does nothing about the people who are causing the issues as they are still bigger than that anyway. It is pointless and is shitting on small channels for no reason.

You should never rely on only one, but YouTube is really showing why you shouldn't rely on just them.

As for what you spoke about in your video rather than just your question, I completely disagree with anyone who says YouTube was better before monetisation or supports an idea that people shouldn't be able to make money from YouTube. One person being an arsehole on there does not mean it is right to punish everyone for it or that it was better before other people could benefit financially from the platform just because someone is being an arsehole. Your experience was bad and it is great that Steemit acted in a situation YouTube wouldn't but it is a lot better having monetisation on YouTube than not and heaps of people are getting fucked over by their new policies which make it harder to get monetised. It was a great thing that a creative could make money without having to hope to get in with Netflix or Fox etc, and now that is being ruined for those just starting, with them having a long way to go, especially if they are doing something like animation, which is more time consuming to create than some other content is. Plus you have more time for the creative things you are passionate about if you can make a living off of it as you aren't working on top of that. I can't agree that it went downhill after monetisation was added, because they opened up so many opportunities. IF you only look at the idiots that took those opportunities, you wont' see the beauty of it, but it was a great improvement. Now it is going to be a lot harder for those with content that takes a while to make and for the little channels, which is really sad.

Very valid point about the monetisation of creative work being a positive thing for thousands of people, who've essentially been able to work on their passion. We definitely support that, but this isn't just about one person being an asshole, there's a significant number of 'drama' channels who target vulnerable individuals in smear campaigns and make ludicrous incomes doing it.

We've seen a cancer patient ask for donations to support her treatment, and then be accused by one of these drama channels of faking her cancer. Even when she showed her cancerous breast, there was no retraction and when the donations dried up because of that 'drama' she died shortly after leaving the treatment centre. This sort of phenomenon has been called 'Harass for Cash', as that's essentially what it is. It's destroyed many, many lives, and has greatly influenced our perspective of YouTube monetisation.

We can't really blame YouTube as a platform for that kind of behaviour as they can't be liable for the actions of all the content creators, however they are notorious for favouring larger channels and we've seen huge hypocrisy in their judgements of who breaks their TOS and who doesn't. Essentially these bigger drama channels get away with a jaw dropping amount of TOS violations because they make YT money, whereas the smaller channels are suspended or receive a strike for the same or lesser 'crime'.

Anyway, thanks for your perspective, not putting all your eggs in one basket is definitely a good policy! :)

Oh certainly they don't treat channels equally. It even looked for a moment like they were going to be unfair to one of their big creators for a bit there when originally it looked like they were going to do nothing about Logan Paul but they punished Pewdiepie (not a fan of either but I think it should be fair, and it wasn't). Eventually they did something about Logan Paul, but it took them long enough, and it was likely only then due to the drama that unfolded given they originally manually reviewed the video and went "That's okay", yet at the same time they pull down videos that are very mild on smaller channels.

I guess no matter how many of those drama channels or Logan Paul's make money, I don't think it is fair for everyone to suffer and not make money due to them doing the wrong thing. A lot of the time in life innocent people suffer from the actions of others, but it shouldn't be the case with YT and I still think the fact good creators can be financially supported means that despite the shit that some people do, it is still better with the monetisation than not.

Unfortunatley a lot of small channels just got pushed into the not category which isn't fair.

For sure, we're definitely not advocating for video platforms to be demonetised again - I mean we are monetised here on DTube. I've just made the decision to demonetise the YouTube channel I have, and leave, as I've been so thoroughly disgusted by their hypocrisy that I personally don't want to earn anything from them.

The problem with YouTube monetisation is that it this adpocalypse has seemed to be extraordinarily biased. Smaller channels have been crushed and some of the bigger channels have had preferential treatment (like the Pewdiepie/Logan Paul example you made).

And I just saw the new terms for monetisation on YT that you mentioned in your first comment and it's just 🤦‍♀️ I don't really see the point of disabling monetisation until 1k subs. I remember starting out that it was so exciting and amazing to me to get my first $130 paycheck, it was a big encouragement that my time and work had some value.

When I say YouTube took a downturn after money was introduced, I mean in terms of content. I'm definitely for content creators getting paid for their work, but one of the problems with YouTube is that they've always rewarded the "wrong" content creators. I use quotation marks because it's subjective.

But the algorithms of YouTube rewards quantity over quality, like if you post a video every day, you're more likely to be featured in the related section etc. Do you remember the reply girls? Absolutely worthless content, but they flooded the site because they got rewarded for it. YouTube actually did something about that situation though.

The best channels, with the best content has a tendency to not get the exposure they deserve IMO. One of the reasons I like DTube is because there are no hidden algorithms so it's a leveled playing field.

Yeah the new changes seem pretty pointless. YouTube themselves point out that the creators with less than 1000 subs and 4000 hours watch time per year often make less than $100 a year but for some that amount still helps a lot and it also is something positive to see (like you said - it is encouraging), but also some make more under those thresholds but either way the attitude is just basically like "They make less than $100 a year - it's not like it's affecting channels that matter". 4000 hours watch time per year is demanding a lot too, especially for really time demanding types of content that take a long time to make. It's not really the little guys that are causing the most trouble anyway.

I understand leaving YouTube because you are disgusted with them. Their hypocrisy is one of a few reasons I'm not a rising star in the Creator Community anymore. Partially it was the pressure it was putting on my time too but I also didn't want to feel like I had to support all of their practices etc when I'm more likely to think critically about it and I don't think I can talk critically and objectively about it when I've got a badge as part of their community. I joined that community before the biggest waves of bullshit went down.

Going away from YouTube though I would be hesistant to only post on DTube though in case it goes down. I don't have a prediction on how well it would do, but the worst case scenario is always a possibility.

a lot of what you complain about in the video can and is being done on dtube......

but I guess there is some more things that can be done about it here