Steem Journey |The Story of 365 Days

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Hello Friends,

Hope all are well I am also fine and Today I complete One Year on Steem Blockchain Journey.

I am really very happy with my steem journey. Because, I remember the day when I started my journey. Many of my friends tell me that this blockchain is not for me, I have no capability to work here, I have not enough skill on English language and without English knowledge and skill I have no value here.

But I can’t stop, I am continuously trying with my low qualification. I trying to work with @nathanmars with #Dlivenomad but @nathanmars refuse me cause I have not yet 100 Steem Power but I am not stop, continuously trying with my best effort.

But today! After passing 365 days-
I am happy to work with @nathanmars team
I am happy to work with #dtube
I am happy to work with #steemhunt
I am happy to work with #esteem
I am happy to work with #Dcooperation
I am happy to work with #Bdcommunity
I am happy to work with #Drisers
I am happy to connect with many great peoples like @r2cornell @alphasteem @ayasha @prettynicevideo @madushanka @cryptospa @clixmoney @priyanarc @steemersayu907.
I am happy to create a channel on #youtube for promoting steem
I am happy to create an account on #twitter for promoting steem
I am happy for that all of my friends gone from steem but Still I am enjoying, earning and learning.

Finally I am able to prove it that qualification does not matter if you have enough confidence. So read my story and recharge your confidence and try your best.

Remember #steem the DOOR of opportunities; take the chance to enter steem blockchain.

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Thank you all for your great support on my Steem Journey.

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They may have thought you had no qualification, or skill in the english language but I would love to hear what those friends would say today! Because you are an inspiration for so many in the BDCommunity. Sometimes it may get hard on the blockchain but the amout of human capital we gain from the exoerience is worth so Much!!!! You get better and better every day! 1 year and WOW!!!! I have followed your journey since the begining and Im just so amazed and the growth but not just growth but support your vlogs have and give to the BDCommunity! happy one year my dear friend and on to the next!!!

I am really happy to getting your support and always appreciate your great cooperation.

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@hafizullah, congratulations to you for your Anniversary! You are great Steemian and DTuber. Keep on doing the great job. Thank you for mentioning me in the video.

Steem on, Blockchain brother!

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Thank you so much friend, happy to forward my journey with you.

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Thank you!

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Thank you so much for your great support.

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You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

Thank you, appreciated your great support

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Congrats bro for your journey..

Thank you so much apu

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I will live vicariously through your posts!

Let's move forward together with Steem.

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amar name nai.... 😥😥


Happy Steemiversary BeautyFull!


Much Reiki Love
& Wishing You the
Brightest of Blessings!!


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Thank you thank you 💞

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I just want to say simply in one sentence. You are the awesome man & your burning desire give the result

Thank you brother

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365 days on steem ! That is great. Congratulations friend !

Thank you so much friend

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