Help My Steem Brother to Purchase a Phone, Appeal to all Great Users

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I have a different application today, to all important members of the community. Actually it is a request. Our Steem brother Mamun's (@mamun123456) phone has been lost, he does not have the ability to purchase new phone at this moment. That is why my today's application for him. Because he wants to stay in the steem, he wants to keep her steem journey running, he has requested us to help him. If we all raise a little bit of cooperation, then he can buy a new phone.

See her request tweet-

In fact, all of them say a little bit of cooperation can solve a big problem very easily. It is difficult for her to buy the phone, but if all of us cooperate, it will be easily solved.

This post payout goes to @mamun123456 as a gift for purchase a new phone.

So I request again all the great users of the community to help him for buying a new phone.

Thank you all.

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Thanks for understand the value of the green nature for a beautiful and secure planet.

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Always great to see this kind of initiative.

Your post has been chosen as post of the day on @r2cornell's Discord Community. I have upvoted your post accordingly.

What would be the cost in steem to purchase a cell phone? Would like to have a target in terms of the amount of steem that is needed.

second question is can he get access to his account to get steem out (this is if steem is send to his account?

Actually Sir, I'm running my job for a little while using another person phone...

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How much is a new phone going to cost using the value of steem.

New phone value 500 rm steem value when I sell 50 SBD get 4k taka then converted rm 200

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If I count the amount I have, the more minimums can be seen if I am 50 SBD, then I can buy a fair phone of good...

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@azizbd can @fundition help in this kind of issue?

Is fundition really helping for these type of fund raising? Bro

They promote charity and these kinds fund rising posts.
If you are asking they help by giving liquid or not? No, they are not. @erode

I didn't get what you saying?
Did they help or not ?

I just made a post on this.
Saw that #powerhousecreatives had some initiative before to hep members. Not sure if they will do this in this case or not. But let's spread the message and power of Steem! @hafizullah @mamun123456

Good initiative from your side. May Allah bless you and your family. @rem-steem

This is really appriciable thing which you done for your friend Bro I am sanding your some steem for your friend It's not much But Hope It's like a water Drop from my Side. Always be happy my friend.

Thank you so much brother for your 5 steem. Happy to see your support.

It's My Pleasure my Friend. Always be happy.

That's really a great initiative. 100% upvote for @mamun123456
Keep steeming.

Thank you apu

I am really happy to see all of your great support, what ever the fund comes. I am thinking to transfer the fund today night to @mamun123456 from my own account. All of you prove that Steem a Great Family Still Now. Thank you so much.

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I saw @zaku Bhai helping many unexpected places. This is one of that.
Thank you so much for your support in this situation when many of us taking the matter wrongly.
We are grateful to you.

Thanks apu

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We are really proud for your great support in the community brother @zaku

Thanks vdvoter your great support

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মামুন ভাই কি আমাকে ব্লক মারছেন নাকি ভাই?

👍আমি ১০ steem transfer করছি ভাই।

আমি তো কিছু বুঝতে পারছি না আমি তো আপনাকে ব্লক করিনি

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I like your post you are great

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its not alot but hope my upbote helps

I really very thankfull all of you.


Thank you for your support brother

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A phone is not necessary to live, food is more important.

The phone is not for his living, this is for continuing his steemit work.
He lives in a middle east country, without family. He does physical work there, by lots of hard work he can earn some money. End of the month he sends all money to his family. In this journey, Steemit helps him a lot to earn more.
A phone is not a luxury for him but an earning source.
Hope you got me. @sciack

You have reason to argue. But if steemit is run then the new phone now needs its emergency.

Yes, but phone is necessary to live steem world

you are really great bro bc you are help a steem user..

together we meke steem better ..and help growing up eachothers ..