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Hello Friends,
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This is first time I am participating in the Weekly Question of @ecoTrain.

It acknowledged that the modern technology of the world, new inventions, all the innovations of a better life, could not make our world as safe enough. Given the opportunity to enjoy our life more and more, but on the opposite side, the world is taken to the edge of destruction. Destroying the green phenomenon and destroying the environment, in addition to climate problems, could not make us safer, better, healthier than our ancestors.

So we'll stop? The next generation will not come forward? Problems are going up, so we should back? Or to find ways to solve the problem by going ahead? Not to be stopped or backed up, but rather to find solutions, to move forward with the new generation.

We know that the current world is not entirely suitable for children. Children are not responsible for this; it is our failure. So we have to take responsibility for the solution. We have the responsibility of building a beautiful and inhabitable world for them. If we have a healthy mental development in children, we will have to create a safe environment for them.

But in this case we have to try new things. Of course children should be brought to earth. They have to be showered in new messages. Knowledge, science, and intellectualization have to be developed as worthy for the twentieth century. They can use their talent to solve climate problems. They can play a leading role in building beautiful green earth. Who can say? They will not succeed?

If new children do not come to earth, who will be responsible for managing the next world? Because today's children are the future of the nation's and the world. One day this child will lead the society, the country and the world. It is our responsibility to keep the world living. Let's try to make the world beautiful and safe with all the children. There is no solution to stopping, the solution is to try.

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Thank you all for watching my answer.

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"We have the responsibility of building a beautiful & inhabitable world for them". Truer words were never spoken! So pleased to see your first ever answer to QOTW... 😍 10/10 for dtube & your really good English. Appreciated.

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Thank you so much, It will encourage me more at my steem journey.


Dont forget to drop your @ecotrain post links in ecotrain's "Link Drop" channel in discord... so more of us can find & support you. 😊

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Then give the discord link :D

Indeed we have to take responsibility to leave this world better for the next gen.

I think it’s a good idea to give another being a chance to experience this miracle called life , but more than the environmental problem is the economic situation that makes many not want to have children. Many can barely take care of themselves as is. But children are the future:)

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Yes, absolutely right and we should secure the future. Thank you so much for your great feedback.

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you make some great points,, maybe even it our duty to have children in the safest space we can provide.. i love that you bring in good education and climate and even art!... that is SO important,.,. that is what sai baba says, that the new generation will build a better world.
great video my friend!


Thank you so much, I am really happy to hear that you like my entry.

Great post! I agree we need to try new things.


Thank you so much.