When is the best time to buy DASH?

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This video discusses when the best time is to buy DASH and how that process works with Elliott Waves and chart patterns.

Here is the youtube link:


Would love to see an analysis on when'd be a good time to buy VEN :D

My analysis for Dash

And what about LTC?

just see an analysis? i can create you anytime you want a deep analysis to buy dash and not to buy dash every time every day just ask what you want

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Study Zencash and let us know what you think about it.

Great, I wanted to buy dash and hodl. Nice gesture from you @haejin

Better buy LuxCOIN

this poo definitely stinky! smell that? its bullshit.

and he only votes on himself!! not you ignorant followers!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

and he only votes on himself!! not you ignorant followers!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

and he only votes on himself!! not you ignorant followers!!

yes fear cos of a buy call you gave to $2000 2 months ago. 60% time you can be right. not on this one.

I got to give it to you, you know how to read the graphs, something I been struggling with

honestly, it's the best time to buy every random crypto from TOP 10 market cap

I was wondering if you'd be able to do an analysis on XEM please

Thanks for this. I would definitely buy Dash soon.

Muchas gracias por la información

Maybe you should do your own research? To maybe find out that in crypto there is no such thing as a support line, a correction, Elliot, in general, is not applicable on crypto charts... Where is it correcting too??? Why should there be support there??? These are terms used in the stock market, where they are values that can be mathematically and economically explained based on company earnings reports and company valuation. Stop falling for this BS. It's garbage. Heck, the chances that DASH goes to the moon right now are the same is going to zero. He's just abusing your inexperience with crypto and chart reading to make you believe this BS. Think and do your own research, and stop falling blindly for his "TA" because it means absolutely nothing in crypto.

I strongly disagree, many of his price predictions have been hit within a very close range. If you don't know how to do basic TA such as recognizing support and resistance, you have no business saying it's "not applicable on crypto charts."

As a university student financial engineering, I think you should reconsider who you're talking to and on which subject before making such claims. Read my comment again especially the first 5 lines and think about those. Once again he is abusing your inexperience in the crypto field by using TA, which is another field most of you aren't experienced in at all, so you just follow him blindly because it sounds professional. And it is, to a certain extent. BUT not in crypto. And if you want I'll send you my whole 500p syllabus on it. Maybe that'll make it clear. TA in crypto is nothing more than gambling and he just gambles based on where the market is going. If it's going up, all his "TA" indicates that prices will be x% higher in the future and vice versa. But did any, literally any of his dozens "TA" indicate the big market pullback that we are seeing for the past two weeks? No. Because eeeevery coin he "analyzed", before the overall pullback became really significant, was going to the moon. I wouldn't be surprised if he brings another video out tomorrow stating that DASH is showing bullish signs and is about to finish its last c wave and go right back up x%. You are smarter than this. He is reward pool raping the whole crypto community on steem with his nonsense and gambling.

kid no one cares, what school do you even go to? get over yourself
anyone who's been following this guy for long time has made a ton of profit just from suggestions TA aside, and he tells people not to panic and hold which is the best advice for normies

even if he doesn't know what he's talking about and it's gambling it doesn't really matter

i would just suggest never using more than 4.5% of a persons portfolio on any of his calls just basic half kelly criterion stuff obv to be safe

haejin says all the stuff you are lol
that you can't apply the same patterns and cases of elliot wave analysis to crypto because it has a totally different "personality" and that it's just probabilities/gambling what's your point even

are you saying he's lying about his 15 years of experience?

Yeah he kinda would be lying if he agrees that TA on crypto is totally different than on the stock market and thus Elliot waves and others patterns mean absolutely nothing in crypto. But yet he keeps using TA and spreading it like a virus whilst it's full of nonsense. And new people blindly fall for this nonsense because they don't know any better and he is just abusing those people. And 15 years... Really... Do you really believe that? you know better ayyyyye.

I think he definitely has some background in it and has to have some understanding to make the calls he does

his bitbean, stellar and zcash calls were extremely accurate
not just flukes

"means nothing in crypto"
not sure how you can say that obviously the patterns and cases would not be the same but to say you can't use sentiment analysis in crypto is just retarded

you're a third year at some state clown college like you know anything more than this guy why don't you just make suggestions and vague calls then and build a following like haejin

Perhaps you should learn Elliot theory more to be able to say that.... because you don't know shit.

Human sentiment exists in all markets, and even more so in crypto right now! This is especially true when compared to stock and other traditional markets, which are manipulated to a much larger degree than crypto.

"Perhaps you should learn Elliot theory more to be able to say that.... because you don't know shit"

Who are you to say something like that to someone you don't even know... Looks like you are one of those naive followers that think they know everything by watching videos and other guys drawing patterns you just blindly copy. Do you even know who Elliot, Fibonacci, Gann, Wyckoff, McClellan, ... are?? What their concepts and principles stand for, where, when, why and how they are used? No, I bet you don't, so don't act like you are an expert because you are not. And I'm not one either but I'm sure far more educated on the subject than most of the people here because it's what I've been studying day in, day out, for almost 3 years now.

seriously .... go back 6 months.... start the videos there... educate yourself.... free yourself... be happy

very good analysis, thank you for your effort.
Actually I am buying up some DASH & VEN now :-D

The crypto world is becoming very scary right now. Everyone got in the past couple weeks thinking it was going to be a steady gold mine. Except now all this bad news is coming out and people are just selling and accepting the loss. You got to learn the graphs like you did and realize it’s a patience thing. You can’t just sell when the price drops. Give it some time people. His analysis on on DASH seems very accurate so I would follow his words. Also ripple is down a ton right now but it is having a correction in the next 24 hours so I recommend getting in now since it’s so low!

dash dash dash great video i had to resteem good stuff really!

UTC 11:54 there was a low of $598usd was that the end of the whoosh. Thanks for the vids

Beautyful photos..

Very good information. Keep it up. I would resteem this post so that my followers can read more. Thank you!

Yo haejin can you do anaylsis of the entire market cap for crypto?

everything is on sale now

Thanks for sharing this . I have the plan of buying DASH

dash in and dash out..

Can you please update the coins you recommended that are now correcting with the projected price at the end of the correction so we can know when to buy back in? Thanks.

I see the BitShares are down right now. Could you make an update on them?

The intrinsic risk is to high to buy Dash anytime ! I agree next level around 300 $ to look at it. In the mean time, it's time to get out of it. It's not an advice be aware.

Thanks for the advice !

Truly magnificent your post will surely help me as an investor... Make a blog on exchange with lowest transaction fees if any people lnow solution for this problem then just try and let me know!!

So in the last three posts you were talking about a 'woosh' to come. The last bit of the C wave. Now my question is, would a smart investor sell now and buy at the 'end' of the C wave? Or do you only ladder in now with cash on hand?

You say all the time that this correction can only be used by people with cash cash cash. But I do not see how people with 100% in crypto's can't just sell 30% now and ladder in with that 30%. It would still be more profitable according to your analysis? Or is the probability not likely enough to execute this strategy? Would like to hear your thoughts on this and the thoughts of other readers.


Hi Haejin, great work firstly. I was wondering if you'd be able to do a bit more on ETH? The last one I saw was on ETH's longer term goal of $2,600+...anything for the shorter term perhaps?


Thanks for sharing, very very good information. Keep it up.

@haejin you say after the crash this is where you will buy.... you dont say before the crash this is where you would SELL ... i think thats more important

@kimjongpoo is coming for you!! Ignorant master will never reply to a petty fool like you!