Bitshares (BTS) Revised Targets: $3.12 or Higher!!

in dtube •  last year

Bitshares (BTS) is doing a healthy correction. It's needed to divest the sellers so as to renew the uptrend. This is why corrections are healthy. I present the larger degree of trend perspective and have revised my targets from prior postings.

Here is the YouTube Link, in case DTube does not work for some:

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Can you see the head shoulder formation solisrex (53)?

Hoping Bitshares goes to the Moon and Beyond!

I think BTS is one of the most unique applications of blockchain yet developed. I can't wait until it replaces NYSE!


no doubt eco...every time i sit and think of the possibilities Bitshares offers it makes my head's just crazy how awesome this thing is


Holding 2k BTS. To the Moon.

Haejin DTube doesn't work very well. Can you continue posting to YouTube? Much appreciated.


DTube is in my humble opinion actually a better platform for the entire Steemit community to use and benefit from instead uploading to YouTube. Otherwise all those advertising $$$ goes straight into Google’s pocket, whereas DTube is decentralized and benefits solely the community.


Well you don't know how much you are paying for @Dtube... 25% did you know?


@haejin: Never change a winning team!
Your screenshots, charts and analysis, including some funny words and lines are Great!

Thanks for the YouTube video!

I sure hope so! I keep wondering why Bitshares and Steemit don't get more attention despite being so revolutionary.

With all the USDT FUD, you would expect bitUSD and therefore Bitshares to be way more popular..


Yeah I believe when all the shitcoins are dumped for good, and only the cryptos who have really solid ideas behind them remain, Steemit will really take off.


Be patient. It's a great time to accumulate.

Thanks for the update @haejin would you mind taking a look at smart cash if you can please?

Bitshares has been phenomenal over the past few months. Any sell off will be minor in comparison (unless you bought in at the peak)! Hoping your $3.12 prediction comes off!

Well it competes with centralized exchanges, so that's why they don't want to list it. That's not fundamentals, that's just day-traders being ignorant of industry incentives.

Now we're talking. I got my sights on $10 soonest. :)

The Bitshares Assets like BitUSD and BitCNY are really putting a nice and steady upward pressure on BTS due to their use of 2x collateral. Anyone who hasn't learned about the Bit Assets should check it out. They are one of the amazing factors that sets Bitshares apart as an ecosystem. Also here's an awesome article from Dan, creator of Bitshares for those wanting to learn more:

I might have to get a BitShares license plate soon :).

Patience is the key :)

I can’t play this video on dtube.. can you upload again on youtube please?..TT


You will be able to play the DTUBE video's on google chrome...i tested it myself and have no problems playing them there!


Working fine for me. May be you have some extension blocking it?


I can easily see the dtube videos, maybe they have some other kind of problems with their browser or bandwidth.

Awesome! Can't wait for BTS to break the $1 mark, monumental times ahead.

very informative post..upvoted and resteem your post..sir haejin..

i will follow you and support you always..

I still don't really know much about bitcoin... that's so sad, who can help here


Oluwatomilola Fadipe. Its not so complicated. Matter of fact its easy, u just need to dedicate some time, do a little research n u'll go from there. I'm happy to help anyways, so let me know


I would recommend you follow highly regarded authors such as haejin and look into their educational material if daily updates/posts are a bit too complex. Community will be more than happy to help if you have any specific questions.


well this is only regarding TA (technical analysis) which becomes useful when you are into trading, but if you want to learn about bitcoin you might want to go to the subreddit:

Also this guide here might help you for the beginning:

Next I would recommend you watch this video:

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Wishing you a succesful year!


Thank yuo very


you are welcome!
Good luck with studying and have a succesful year!!

Hmm, DTube isn't working with my Windows Firefox 10.

It's easy to see the hurry up and wait syndrome playing out in BTS.
Volume is low why price just slowly moves sideways into the apex.

I see yesterday’s dip as a cryptocurrrency sale!!!!

Thank you kind Wave God sir.

I will include BTS now in my portfolio...following you sir @haejin.


I think there's going to be some excellent laddering opportunities soon. Good luck :)

Thank you for the information you need :) Very handy

Great video. I wonder is bitcoin beginning the correcting from and extended 5th wave right now? ('_')

Thank you for that information

Anything new on the ETC?

one more thing- this site is very slow... YouTube was much better. Also I miss your screenshots...


hey i'm korea newbie please one vote please.

I think correction are really nice specially for day trader's because it will create an artificial price hike where a carefull daytrader would sell it at its pick. But for longterm investers it is good but not as the others.

Let’s do this!

Great topic <3 thank for good information

thanks for the tips!

it nice to know that my spontaneous purchase of bts will pay off in future, thanks!

So @haejin, does this mean that TRX fooled me! Not the first coin to do that with a mega yber super 5th wave (ex. bcc).

I was counting it like this;

But it seems to be like this...

Im always one step behind, greed....

ps,, sry for the triangle it's a zigzag, prob...

I need to really research the technology about bitshares because it is a crypto that I know little of. Ill add it to my favorites on the coin market cap app and take a look at it. Seemingly it may be too late to buy into it.


It's not too late. Bitshares is still just the tip of the iceberg of it's potential. Here's a good place to start with some info from the creator of Bitshares, Steem and EOS, Dan Larimer:

haejin - Can you explain a bit more on how can it be that the price creates the news and not the news create the prices?

You said it in the BTS video now for example, that bts was delisted (news) but the prices showed that it should go up- how can that be that news do not change the prices?

Please tell me the difference between bitshares and bitcoin.


bitcoin is the first global currency; it's proof of concept however it's awful because it relies on (delegated) proof of work (POW), which requires lots and lots of energy making transactions incredibly expensive and slow. Also, BTC is just a currency; there's no product or service related to it. BitShares, is magic. BTS is a decentralized exchange network, which uses delegated proof of stake consensus, and offers a wide assortment of financial services including banking and asset exchange opportunities.

Yes...Corrections are always good! Good Post. Keep updating us more.

@haejin pls if its not a border can you bring back the images in addition to the videos, they help a lot for revision. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Dear @haejin I am running a campaign budget proposal in Steemit where I am looking for investors / donors to fund the Project Transcript / Wallet / Stock STEEMER.NET.Maukah you consider to contribute to my project with SBD / Steem or upvote on my last presentation post thanks ,,,for the attention

investing on it now . keep showing us the way . thankyou =D

This is incredible in my opinion, and I have followed you, hopefully my future can follow your post intensely, thanks fery much @haejin for sharing with me di steemit..

Fantastic! Bought it low and delighted with my impressive gains so far based on your TA! Thank you Haejin!

I love this article

Thank you for the great video analysis!

Too much corrections complicates the system. Why not spend more time to get the system right once which might be difficult but possible. Or just atleast reduce the corrections, thats what i think. Thanks for the goodwork all the same😊

In my opinion it should go higher then what you have suggested, this is my personal opinion by the way, what you think ?


If you go back to some original posts of Haejin on BTS he predicts 300 for long term. Now that would be massive profits!

Thank you for the information.

Bittrex y Poloniex
buy: 210000
sell: 218400
earning: 4%
stop: where are you comfortable

Good job, keep it up


I can’t play this video on dtube. (

Excelente tus posts, la verdad es que no manejo tu idioma pero siempre busco traducir para poder entenderlos, soy economista y me encanta todo lo que tenga que ver con el mercado de criptomonedas.. te felicito por esta iniciativa de ayudar a entender este mundo... De verdad gracias.. En mi país la economía es muy mal manejada creo que si las personas pudieran ver tus publicaciones seguro entenderían las causas y consecuencias de los ciclos económicos... Si pudieras escribir en español me harías feliz ajajajaj muchas gracias!!

I can't view this on Safari...DTube got to step their support up!


But Chrome works nicely :)


Chrome not a safe platform..


Try Google chrome, it works there!

Love those "rounded bottoms" and "cups"....

great job.

@Haejin would you be able to post the picture of the graph like you did with all your other posts comparing to USD and BTC. Dtube is not loading well for me. Thank you much appreciated :)


thanks fot your post blog

congratulation for all trend in BTS

@haejin ... please do give us a shout when its the time to run away :D

Tech analysis done right. BTS is putting a smile on my face I thought I had lost my trade.

Correction is good for us and thanks for sharing it's information .
If you don't mind please check my recent post .I hope you enjoy it .


14 hours later and Master Lee's prediction is coming true. Question the man if you must on other coins, I make that mistake. Do not question his BTS baby.

Already bought some of the dip.. before charting it like this (I am stupid).. will be buying more when we are on the E wave.


BitShares at 0.56$.

Time to buy at the dip?
I think so.

@haejin Is there a chance You share Your view on the bottom of the correction we all experience now? Looks like a bull flag to me, but I'm not sure whether it just finished C or E wave.


just stick along for this correction, even if it dips to as low as 0.48, it will bring in massive returns. If it dips below what u paid for it, buy more, and ride the pump


I'm not intending to sell for long term, don't worry. True believer here :-) But... I borrowed bitUSD for the first time to buy more BTS. Did it at $0.85 :-)) That's how good trader I am! :) I collaterized so much I still feel quite safe, but this security buffer is getting smaller and smaller each day. I'm not worried about price swings, just about potentially losing BTS because of margin call.


Yes, I feel you. Lets continue to maintain LBC for Bitshares.

thanks for the info

How long has it risen to $3.12?

A little concerning to see BTS shoulder head formation in the 2hrBTS/USD chart haejin? If this is the case BTS could fall to 20c?

Any idea how deep this retrace is going to be? Thanks.

Bitshares next wave eye on $2.10


First correction $0.20 or lower..


Sir Bitcointv! I don’t think so ! It will dip that much! Because healthy correction already done!

eos, bitshares and steem will provide massive wealth to those who get in early