Working on the painting 'Dissolution of Form' - Part 4

in dtube •  18 days ago

Part 4 - Airbrushing & Painting

When I work on large formats I usually start with the airbrush. It's the perfect tool for the underpainting, for all sorts of geometrical shapes, for gradients, shadows and lights. For details, however, a brush is still the best tool!

Music: Repetitive Magic by Stereofloat.

Previous videos:!/v/gric/mv2m5x5z!/v/gric/6xk5t2i9!/v/gric/fggqaxmf

The finished painting can be seen here:

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With every video I'm just blown away by the patience you display with this process. Great work, as always.


Thank you @leveste!

Truly a magnificent art work...!

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Thank you @mers!