Live Hardware Techno: “Crispy Tofu” by Greencross

in #dtube8 months ago

Yesterday I spent the day watching some YouTube Studio sessions by acclaimed techno producers, until I stumbled upon a session by someone who repeated 11 times in 30 minutes the term “Crispy”. Because he liked each of his sounds to have that “Crispy” character.

I couldn’t help but remembering about Laurent Garnier’s seminal #techno track “Crispy Bacon”. Also, somehow all this crispy affair kept reminding me of the ongoing meme in the techno scene about “vegan techno”.

I now give you “CRISPY TOFU”, a 133 BPM techno jam full of crispy sounds.

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Thank you so much @priyanarc :)

Haven't eaten much tofu, but I like the taste of crispy here :D
Great jam!

Hahaha thanks so much man!!! :-)

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