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A live synthesizer performance played without computer aid.


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Hahahaa I am a machine! Thank youuuuu AND EHY ARE YOU SHOUTING??? LOL

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Duuuude these tunes where really sick! Love it!! You should do more of that for sure :) go fuck the fear and do what you love mate!!



That wss pute Tibfoxian wisdon! Thanks buddy, see you soon @tibfox

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Wohoooooo thanks

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Hey @greencross, that is indeed some useful information below a wonderful track beautifully staged and crafted with such a great intention! I am glad I found your content. Your last link for creating an EOS account, however, isn't working.


thanks so much for your support :) I'm glad I found your content as well.

Here, try this link for EOSLynx

Maybe you first download the EOSLynx app on your phone, i think!

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PHONE! That's the problem! :D Alright, thanks.