How to Underwrite a 3.5 Million Dollar Deal - Real Estate Investing Made Simple

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Here a quick real estate checklist:

Do you want It?
WIll it support you with Cash FLow?
Can you exit with profit?

When you look at the NOI, you have to decide what you’re willing to chase. You need to look at deals that produce enough income.

Do you know what a 1031 exchange is?

It’s when you roll the profits of a deal (when you sell it) into a another deal. This allows you to defer paying taxes. Usually, you’d have to pay taxes on any capital gains that you make when you sell a property. Instead of paying it, you can roll that money into another deal. This is the way the wealthy trade up their deals and delay paying taxes. For more go over to

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is this the real grant cardone on steemit?


Simply love the content that you are delivering! Good luck in the future & thank you very much for sharing :)

.... and that’s how you do business! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

It's nice to have Grant here on dtube :D

Really great to see you doing well here on Steemit @grantcardone, thank you @thejohalfiles for supporting Grant, we really want him on board with crypto!

Hey @grantcardone, do investors in Cardone Capital get all the tax benefits of owning real estate (the 1031 exchange and the depreciation)? Thanks to your content, I am hoping to become accredited by the end of next year so I am planning for the future!

Great information, Thanks for sharing...


Just wanted to add on from what @topfactro said! Amazing value @grantcardone were all going to be real estate investing superstars. Many Thanks Uncle G @DailyCrypto

This is going to be my first year as an owner of a fourplex. Do you have any advice for investment rental properties on your site or other links you recommend?


Will have a real estate booklet coming soon

Absolutely amazing, great to have you on steemit

Good stuff! waiting for more

Wow another knowledge gained, i see it all now... Thanks for the tips @grantcardone

Gran informacion.


wow I did not know all this
I think I will follow your negotiation advice

I actually have kin eyes on real estates investment and would do quit a lit of research before going into it in the nearest future. As for deferring tax i see it as manipulative options which is actually not good for the government although every business investor would want to enjoy such options when stumbled upon

great insight!!

very good information, I want to know more, I follow you

Any body in real estate business should visit this link. Great information. Thanks.

Canada doesn't have a 1031 exchange. Lucky Americans!

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VERY GOOD STRATEGY. and it's only for the smart and people who want wealth. i agree a lot , very nice!!!!!