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● Production or drama?
● Moving forward or backward?
● Creation or destruction?

Are you focused on things that are big or little bitty?

If you’re in the past, you’re looking to win an argument. To make a point. To bring up a defect about the other person. If your goals are not in place, you will bicker.

If you and a group of people dropped all their problems in the center of a room, I guarantee you’ll pick yours back up.

You need to get over your problems.

The more you’re struggling, the more you have to put your attention on the future.

Everything is a game. If you’re focusing on winning, you won’t be thinking about defects. Get busy expanding instead of contracting.

How can you keep your marriage exciting? Focus on what you can control today. You have to pick if it’s in the future or in the past. Have massive goals or you’ll get bored.

The future takes care of the past. If I messed up two weeks ago I can do a lot of good in the future to make up for it. I have to out-create my mistakes.

Have your attention on one thing—what can you win together.

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We play this “game” of life, might as well win at it 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

With lots of marriages among young people ending in divorces, this advice has got to come into play for them. It's hard to think of the past differences you've had with your partner when your thinking of the next building you'll be constructing for business.
This message motivates the rest of the world too, where people are still struggling as a result of financial constraints, disabilities, among other impairements. They should always look at how to fix the next task ahead to keep away from getting soaked into depression.

How do you keep things exciting and not put it on autopilot after 13 years of marriage? One big thing is to not start nagging your partner about how they don't pay attention to you. This will only cause them to get defensive.

you create a great post....i impressed to see it...Lot of thanks for Sharing this informative and valuable post....best of luck

thanks for this sharing.. upvote :)

💯 1 hun nud pacent 😜 , really it’s true

Are you focused on things that are big or little bitty?
No question that you have to pick your fights and be pragmatic. However, some of the little bitty things are meant to be nurtured in order to grow.

In as much life itself is a game, focusing on winning, i think is the propelling force to success.

@redfishpclef it is SOOOO important to try to be ready for what you believe in. I am not a huge christian, but I am a christian if that makes sense? I remember seeing a powerful poster in my Sunday School classroom, it was set at the time of the rapture and a man and his daughter was walking down a street as everyone was getting "beamed" up into heaven while this man did not. He watched as his daughter got sent to heaven without him.
This poster spoke so many words to me and i'll never forget that. I don't think anybody would want to experience what that man did in the poster.

On a side note, completely off this topic of the rapture.

My sister loved going to church Sundays and even more going to the youth group that took place Thursday nights. She would invite her non-christian friends to come on Thursdays as it was more of a service for the younger crowd with more up to beat music and more of a discussion then a sermon. This one girl started to go every Thursday and Sunday with her, and eventually got saved because of my sister. But eventually that one girl started to bully my sister inside the church and at school which ended up giving her no place to go to feel "safe".

It's sad that those things happen when you do so much for some people. It is even more sad that it's probably happening right now somewhere else in the world.

Anyways, thanks for spreading the word @redfishpclef! You rock!