[Theia] ~ First look on my browser game

in dtube •  2 months ago

Hey everyone,

let me introduce you the website I have been working on recently, Theia Online.
It is a website-browser game hybrid which Is in pre-alpha state, but I will already show it to some companies at interviews - so I thought why shouldn't I share it with you too? :)
For some reason, the recorder app caused jams when recording the game pages, but normally the game itself runs smoothly and is not laggy at all (not as you see in the video).

Thanks for watching!

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eyy, thanks a lot! :)

Is the art in the game is done by you/your team?


Thanks for asking. Most of the pictures are placeholders which I found on the internet. Since I am a developer and no graphic artist unfortunately I don't have the skills to draw nice artwork to use in my game(s). I am looking for any newbie artists who are willing to team up with me :)

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I loved one of the pictures in the game, that's why I asked... I hope you get a great artist for the game.


Haha alright, if you want I can send you any of the assets of the website/game. Just let me know

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