Menē x Louise Bourgeois: Diana Widmaier Picasso on Louise Bourgeois

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“Inside the last home and studio of Louise Bourgeois, former studio assistant to the artist Jerry Gorovoy speaks to art historian Diana Widmaier Picasso, granddaughter of Pablo Picasso, about the life and work of Louise Bourgeois.

Diana Widmaier Picasso is chief artistic officer of Menē jewelry, which she co-founded with Roy Sebag three years ago. Crafting timeless pieces from pure 24 karat gold and platinum, Menē has collaborated with the Easton Foundation to create a new collection of pendants inspired by three works by Louise Bourgeois. Based in the artist’s former New York residence and adjoining townhouse, The Easton Foundation is dedicated to preserving Bourgeois’s legacy.”

Filmed by Hauser & Wirth.

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