Do These 3 Things TODAY to Improve Your HEALTH

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I am a health enthusiast with a passion for sports, fitness, nutrition and healthy living. I created this channel to share my knowledge and experience on healthy eating and proper physical exercise to provide people with the right tools to improve their lives through a better understanding of what healthy eating means and how to improve their physical condition through exercise.

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There is no alternative of exercise and healthy eating when it comes to physical fitness. Thank you for sharing this!

Absolutely right! :)

Another great video and advice. Thanks gisi.

I seem to be the exact demographic's of this video. Have been neglecting actual health just because I have been underweight for my entire life. However, being addicted to stuff like coffee, sugar, etc. Thank You for the great video. Subscribed and looking forward to following Your channel for more information.

Thanks :) I'm happy I can impact people this way. Stay tuned more interesting videos are coming :)

amazing tips. I share today my first video with Dtube.

maybe you can watch it and give me some tips :) Thank u very much

Thanks :) Yes just checked it out :) Keep them coming!

just curious what type of protein supplement do you make use of and which do you recommend for skinny persons

Good question. I actually don't use protein powder or any mass gainers. I have a few protein bars/cookies that I keep for emergency in case I know I will not have access to protein. In my opinion I recommend you to eat real foods, meats, fish, eggs and lots of low fat yogurt. When I stopped taking supplements a few years ago and switched to just foods I noticed an improvement. If you still want to take protein supplements I recommend a whey isolate post workout or in the morning, and a casein protein before sleep. Equivalent of whey isolate are egg whites and chicken, equivalent of casein protein are dairy. Hope it helps :)

absolutely, thanks for the response

Great video thanks for the information, will definitely give it a try

Thanks, I'm glad you found it helpful :)

I'm following you cuz my health and physical fitness are things I'm extremely keen about.

That's good to hear, I'm sure you will find lots of interesting information about health and fitness here :)

사진같은 건강한 몸 만들고 싶어요.

Follow my posts to find out more about training, nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle :)

Great info bro. Very simple and essential. Resteemed brotha!

Thanks ma man, gona check out your new vid now :)

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