Why You Shouldn't Worry About Steem Price As a New DTube Creator?

in dtube •  9 months ago

Hi, everyone! I got a few people into DTube myself and started getting some funny questions from them like - I can see steem price being really low, should I keep uploading, what if it's not going to go up etc. In this video I want to address some of these questions and why I think new content creators shouldn't be worried about steem dollar price or even be happy that it's low now.

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Buy Steem when it's around USD 1.20

I think You want too: 1 SBD = $ 100 )))

Amazing steemit price . some time up and some time down .

I watched a video about the SBD and that the best time to upload is when it's at a low point because then the rush on Steemit isn't so crazy as opposed to when it's high. It seems like you are doing well here on Steemit brother, good shit.

I know those are the breaks in crypto (or any currency, stock, bond, or commodity) however, This platform however, is a hell of a lot more flexible than YouTube in a lot of ways. New content creators on this platform should just remember to just breathe and relax.

I'm trying to only use my SBD to invest back to my content, and to the blockchain. weather I'm cashing out to buy equipment and supplies for my content, or donating it to the fundition page I'm running for a kid, or other cause, or I invest it into more steem for more steem power

If you don't need the SBD to live off than you should turn your SBD rewards into Steem because the higher the Steem price goes, the less SBD will buy of Steem. I see the price of SBD stabilizing at 1 USD as it was designed to be.

Yes we don't have to worry but instead be happy because we could buy more Steem or SBD so we could do more on the Steem blockchain or in the Steemit...