First Big Upvote! Thank you @thejohalfiles! How to Get Upvoted?

in dtube •  7 months ago

Hi, guys, literally for the past few days was really busy and wasn't uploading anything, but today I got everything set, checked my account and to my huge surprise I saw this big upvote from @thejohalfiles! This is my first big upvote coming not from DTube and I am so-so grateful! Thank you so much! In this video I just want to answer the very common question of - how to get your videos upvoted. Hope you find it interesting and helpful! Thank you for watching!

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Thats pretty sweet dude! I have seen @johalfiles floating around Spenceryans stuff and been like man what a guy lol. Congratulations man nice job paying respect back in this video.


hi, Josh! Yeah, it was really random, never have expected him to upvote my vid :)
Really pleasant surprise :D
Thanks for commenting!


No problem! Im pretty new to Dtube around 3 months so im still trying to build my community as well always looking for new people to interact with.