Why I Left YouTube For DTube After 1 Year

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In this video I am sharing my experience with YouTube and showing you how I earned just 115$ US in more than a year on YouTube. Also, my thoughts on why it's time for DTube and what I liked about this platform so far.

Screenshot 2018-03-01 12.48.19.png

Here are the screenshots. Basically, I uploaded almost daily on YouTube since December 2016 till now and here is the result:

Screenshot 2018-03-01 12.48.30.png

Not to say everyone will experience that, of course my videos were really bad, no doubt about that :)
I am just sharing my experience and think that new creators will most likely have the similar one on YouTube. That's why it's time for DTube and Steemit where you can really grow your following, share your knowledge and earn money.

▶️ DTube

Yes, you have a point there. Many people are shifting to Dtube leaving youtube but only thing we lack right now is the community. Our steemit community is very small as compared to the youtube so If someone is making videos on youtube then it is more likely for him to get fame in his region though he will get less money.

yeah, agree, the thing is - community grows slowly. YouTube's been around for a long time. We as creators have responsibility to upload really good quality content and together with platform creators who will fix all the little issues we can really make it big I believe. Cheers!

Before february 20th, 2018, monetization(Display ads on your video) is very easy. You just need 10,000 views only to active monetization and if your uploaded videos like and watched by people you earn well. Now, these days it's very hard. Your eligibility is requirement for monetization to 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. This is not good :(
So, My friend you are right it's time to move on dTube. :)

totally agree, mate! totally!

It's is a good thing that you had to leave Utube for their shabby treatment of you. We all have left one thing or the other and are trying to find a better niche on steemit. Thank you for the good content though.

thank you, my friend :)

I see some people earning a lot in youtube but I guess it's not for everyone. So far, DTube seems promising and it still has a lot of room to grow.

agree with you, my friend :)

Nice observation. So many people are migrating from YouTube to Dtube. But our community is not massive enough. Thanks for sharing.

thank you for commenting!

You make sense .... good luck

Hey bro welcome to the team!

thanks, mate! Daily uploads for the win :)
I see you are pretty big here already, bro!

I salute you as yutubers and I agree you become Dtube leader if I can suggest .. thanks

thank you mate!

okay the same, can I study with my brother?

For me it is quite different to be honest. Money is not my top wish, when making online videos. Also a huge community is not. I'd rather have a smaller and very commenting-active community, rather than 100.000 people following me.
Anyways it is a very nice thing to be able to monetize(since february, 20 not on youtube anymore, but thats an other topic). DTube is a very interesting new platform, with totally new ways to earn money, even as a small creater or just active user.
Nevertheless by now I really have some issues. I had a lot of bugs the first few days, my subscribes were being removed, videos wouldnt play, the upload didnt work and also everything over here is very confusing right now.
I'm gonna use both youtube and dtube for a while to find out the major pros and cons of both. Maybe I will grow to like it here, maybe not. I'll leave that open for now.

Welcome to probably the freest video site on the internet!

I'm starting on steemit now for the first time.

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