Traveling to Sopot, Poland - La Polshe Vita

in dtube •  11 months ago

When people are talking about their travel bucket list, not many mention Poland and a few years ago I also didn't really notice the beauty of this country. Even if it's currently not the best travel weather, I want to show you in the next days some things I love about Poland.

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Poland sounds interesting.


That's indeed, especially if you love food :)


I hope You had a nice stay. Greetings from a Pole!


Any favourites? Many foreigners I talked with love pierogi ;)

It must be cold in Poland right now?

I'd like to see the beach. Here it was warm enough to sit at the beach today, I hope for the same tomorrow!

Good to see you vlogging, and the Airbnb looks very swish! 😁


It's snowing here :)

It' an unedited picture from today

Thank you :)



Happy to see the snow, just not feel it!

I will go out someday