Overcast sky in Croatia & TheFoxberry | How to become a better photographer

in dtube •  11 months ago

Hi guys!

Not every day we can be greeted with sun! Sometimes there's gonna be an overcast sky when traveling and that's also a good thing - it just means the photos are gonna be much more easy to edit! Like in this example where @TheFoxberry is wandering around in Croatia. Come and watch me edit this photo. Only on @DTube!

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Stay cool,

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True! However I like the sun anyway :)

amazing... like it

Heeey, I'm new to your blog, I watched this and I'm surprised o.o I love taking photos but I didn't know how to take them like you! Thanks for sharing, I'll use your tips in my next photos :)

Excellent Photography ! I Like It


Thaaank you! :)

Waouu excellent, thank you @gatis-photo.

Geesh! I'm glad I checked my feed and found your blog. I've been dying to find someone who's passionate in sharing what he knows in one of the crafts I hope to master someday. Thanks a bunch! ♥

You're amazing, I'm amazed, your videos are always hot and tranding. safe and always successful