They doubted my Garden from the Start, but here’s what Happened this year

in #dtube5 years ago

When you garden in a way contrary to whats "normal" you will get naysayer and doubters who tell you it won't work. They will tell you to just plow the soil and do it how people have been doing for the last 50 years, they will tell you wood chips will acidify your soil, and they will pull all the joy out of growing food. Don't let that happen be one of the gardeners standing in the gap growing food as naturally and sustainably as possible.



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whos speech is that?? very inspiring as is your garden.

we are looking into buying a house as well next year and if the garden is big enough part is going to be food forest for sure

@felander Let's Goooooo!!!! Your future self will thank you if you do lol

Heyy bro. How are you. I haven't been in a long time. I watched your beautiful and high quality work. I appreciate you🍀

Hey @turkishcrew!! Yeah it has been, too long. I'm glad to see you are still on the platform though, me and Tuck always love connecting with you :)

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