Good morning 🌄 (here) @gardeningchannel. Introduced to permaculture gardening and your account by my great Steemian friend @rawutah, my wife and I have just begun our own journey into "Back to Eden" gardening beginning in June. A "teeny, weeny" garden, in comparison to yours and his, but hey we've started! 👍

One of the things we really enjoy is how your garden goes "up," as much as "out." That will be very important to us, going forward into next Spring. Have you ever put together a resource, for your followers, of where you get some of the items we see on your videos? Specifically, for example, the (at least they appear to be ...) large, long bamboo poles you use to stake up your tomatoes? And where you get your amazingly diverse set of seeds for all of them?

We appreciate the enthusiasm, as well as knowledge, you bring to your subject. Looking forward to future posts! 😊

Good morning @roleerob!
I love to hear you have your garden growing, and that you started small, that’s a smart move.
Yeah, I do my best to take advantage of the vertical space.
The bamboo poles I get from someone who loves local to me, they have them growing in their backyard. And I get my seeds from Fedco seeds for the more standard varieties, they have good prices. Then I get my other seeds the more rare car from Baker Creek, their website is rareseeds dot com. 😁😁

Thank you for the prompt response @gardeningchannel! And okay ...

"The bamboo poles I get from someone who loves local to me, they have them growing in their backyard."

... that is very interesting to know. I'm pretty sure bamboo doesn't grow here in the high country, but I may be wrong on that.

Thank you for the source of your seeds. Once the snow starts flying here (not too long to wait ...), we will then have this winter to do a lot of planning about what we'll attempt in the Spring. With the portion of our yard we managed to get under some wood chip compost ... 😉

P.S. Once I get some higher priority items "checked off" out in the real world, I hope to get back to a little more active posting "in here." At that time, I will be writing posts about what we have done so far ...

Sounds good my friend, I’ll keep my eye out for them 😁

How cute is your fur friend :)



Those are huge species of harvest, very interesting

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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That's actually great content! Thanks my man. How large is your fruit forest roughly?

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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