I will show new dtube video!!!!!!What actually is D-Tube?

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hello friends ,,how are you my all dtube friends and steemit friends ,,wellcome to my cheenel
What actually is D-Tube?

In my words if I want to say that in my language, I would like to tell you that in case of a block based platform, D tubes can earn our rewards by sharing posts and videos here as if a person uses it and it works easily And in contrast to watching videos with specific video editing, they can see the videos and their comments and they can be more used to vote and it means there's no problem solving problems because there's a little bit of trouble at first In this case, there is a lot of beautiful platforms out there, but I would like to think that we will be able to use the platform in a very good way and get a better deal out of it. What many of us do, and work with them in many places, we will try to work out where the videos are and how we can do a lot of things, and we hope that we can achieve good harvest thanks to all of you.

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