Day 41 - St. Patricks Day - Curation Trail Anyone?

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Always fun when Saturdays are rest days. Couple of days to go for my Cheat Week!

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Know the Universal Laws of the body and develop your own rules to go with them. Here are my set of rules and the laws that helped me decide them. The laws apply to everyone but the rules are yours to discover.

  • Rule #1 - Eat as soon as you wake up and Eat as soon as you finish working out.
  • Law #1 - When you fast or stress the body you release cortisol. Cortisol makes you fat. When you eat you release insulin. When insulin in high cortisol is low.
  • Rule #2 - Eat 6 times a day and every 2-3 Hours.
  • Law #2 - To control the the amount of fat stored in the body you must control you insulin sensitivity. Eating smaller meals more often and a maximum and minimum of 6 meals a day will achieve this.
  • Rule #3 - Every Meal will have a protein source.
    Law #3 - Protein is needed to build muscle. The more muscle mass the more the body will burn fat as energy.
  • Rule #4 - Only your first 3 meals will have simple carbs your last 3 meals will not.
  • Law #4 - Carbs turn into sugar in the body. Your body will use sugar in your blood as energy. As the day goes by we want the body to burn fat not sugar. This way, by the time you go to sleep, the body only has fat to burn.

Besides the rules and laws you want to take your supplements and vitamins + fatty acids. All these are good to maintain an efficient immune system at times of stress.
Getting a six pack can be stressful.
Here's my day 41 photo. Rest days are the best.


I work out 6 out of every 7 days. Rest day falls on what ever day of the week that falls on. I don't do a Monday through Sunday schedule. This way I workout the same muscle groups every 5 days.

Day 1 - Chest and Back
Day 2 - Biceps and Triceps
Day 3 - Cardio (30 Minutes on treadmill) and Ab workout (nothing amazingly difficult)
Day 4 - Legs
Day 5 - Rest day (not as much fun as you think...because the day before was leg day)

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Glad you and your family enjoyed St. Patty's day bro.

Thanks bro. How the party of 5 doing? We still need to get together bro.

Keeping busy bro with all these kids! lol

nothing better than a rest day on a saturday, ehy y didn't you jump in the inflatables too? ahaha xD

bueno esos consejos todavia en venezuela habemos gorditos los tomare en cuenta

Gracias Yusmary! HAHA Estoy seguro que ay comida ricisima en venezuela.

bueno si muy buena ojala algun dia puedas venir a visitarnos por aqui te esperamos

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