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Angry Dog Looking At Himself | A Video Experiment

in dtube •  last month

Hello there my dear fellow steemians. I have uploaded this video experiment featuring my pet named "Bimbo". I have already shared a post about this amazing creature here on steemit about his story the time my mother and I have adopted him. I cannot write much about providing some details about this funny video using @dtube condenser so I just managed to explain things here on the comment section.

The video is all about filming my pet using the front camera of a smartphone so my pet will be able to look at himself. Apparently he got angry to see his reflection and began barking. Not knowing that he is barking at himself. It is a funny thought that even this sweetest creature can also be upset from his response if he thinks he is threatened.

This is just a sample video that I have uploaded and will spark my interest to upload more informative and fun videos in the future as I have really had this plan of being a vLogger. Will start with @ulog and @steemgigs topics.

I hope you will enjoy checking out this video. Please consider re-sharing and would be grateful for the upvotes as well.

Thank you for the support I am getting from my team @steemitpowerupph , @surpassinggoogle and to all the bloggers out there that I have invited to share their thoughts as well using steemit. Enjoy the rest of the weekend my dear viewers.

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