Vlog #102: It´s snowing in Berlin again!

in dtube •  20 days ago

Hey dear Dtubers and Steemians,

today I recorded a new Vlog and would like to share some impressions from my balcony here in Berlin city with you. It´s another day with some snow here in Berlin, after many rainy weeks and sometimes with a little bit sun without rain.

It´s not so cold so that the snow will melt very fast again and I have read that it´s around -40 degrees in some parts of western USA, so that the weather here in Berlin is still comfortable in February in comparison...

Im also showing you the wild "monster plant" on my balcony, which is still surviving the colder temperatures, even if I thought it´s a kind of tropical plant. Maybe some of you are remembering the plant from my posts in summer.

I wish you a great weekend and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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The main part of the plant withstands - 10. Maybe your plant was not tropical :) An interesting video. Thank you


Haha yes, maybe it´s not a tropical plant. xD Thanks @magnata and greetings!

Great video Jonas and you're right, in Berlin the weather is mild, although we still have frosts too!

Great snowy impressions! $rewarding 20% 15min

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Thanks Joy and greetings from Berlin!

Hey Jonas, Seemed snow mix rain fallen to Germany. -40 degrees so cold temperature. I never feel like that. You're already know and ready those minus temperature.


Yes I never experienced -40 degrees too. This must be really hard for the people in western USA in the moment... Here in Germany it´s around 0 - -4 degrees these days. Greetings from Berlin!

Hey man. How’s ya? Seems like you are having fun.

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Be3rin ;-)