Vlog #209: Rain on Crete island in October!

in dtube •  16 days ago  (edited)

Hello dear Dtubers and Steemians,

in October 2019 I traveled back to Crete island for three weeks, to enjoy the still warm weather and to visit my ex-girlfriend Ada & other friends again and to help a friend (Bettina) with her Apartments. This time I haven´t recorded so much Vlogs, but here is one of the Vlogs I recorded for you.

In this video I wanted to show you a rainy day on Crete island and this is not happening very often so that it´s special for the people there. I recorded this video from the balcony of Bettina´s private apartment. She also has four more apartments to rent and I will show you some of them in my upcoming Vlogs.

Stay tuned and greetings everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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Hallo brother

Hi ^^

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