Vlog #59: Spreading the word about SteemPress! — Steemit

Vlog #59: Spreading the word about SteemPress!

in dtube •  2 months ago

Hey dear Dtubers and Steemians!

In this new Vlog Im talking about the useful Wordpress Plugin "SteemPress" with the function to post blog articles from a Wordpress blog to Steemit automatically.

This Plugin can attract many new bloggers to sign-up on Steemit, because they can reach more people with their posts and also earn STEEM & SBD when people are upvoting the content on Steemit. If you don´t know this Plugin so far and you don´t know how to use it, just check out my tutorial article.

Here you can find my tutorial with Screenshots about the SteemPress Plugin for Wordpress: https://steemit.com/blogging/@future24/tutorialhowtousethesteempresspluginforwordpressblogs-ylalvx0e3d

Best regards and hear you!

Jonas - @future24

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