Vlog #164: Driving with a water bicycle with Ada & Ornella on Crete island!

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Hello dear Dtubers and Steemians,

here is the next Vlog of my current travel trip to Crete island and in this video we rented a water bicycle to drive to the blue lagoon at the Capsis Elite Resort here on Crete island, to swim in the wonderful clear water.

It was a nice boat trip with the twins and something funny happened later... We fixed the water bicycle at a buoy to relax and swim a little bit and when it was time to drive back to the beach, I settle the buoy. Then we started to drive, but nothing happened, we were not able to drive...

So Ornella and me dived under the boat and saw the the buoy entangled in the "wheels" of the water bicycle. We tried to unravel the buoy, but it was not working. After many tries, we decided to call Ornellas boyfriend, that he is going to the boat rental and tell them that we have a problem. Then they came with a jetski and we explained them the situation.

They were laughing a lot and one of the guys dived under the boat and he was really able to unravel the buoy. ^^

So we were rescued and we were able to drive back to the beach. xD

See you in my next Vlog and greetings from Crete island everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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