Vlog #188: ROOMTOUR of our Apartment in the Dioskouroi Hotel on Crete island!

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

Hello dear Dtubers and Steemians,

here comes the roomtour video of our studio apartment in the Dioskouroi Hotel in Agia Pelagia on Crete island!

We had a very nice room there with a big double bed, a small kitchen area and balcony with a nice view.

Especially the balcony was amazing, because there was also a small couch and the big double bed was awesome for Ada and me.

The Dioskouroi Hotel was our favourite accomodation during our holidays on Crete island in Juli/August and that´s why we stayed there two times, like in Yannis Residence.

Stay tuned for my next Vlogs and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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It's such cozy room @future24 although the bathroom does not seem very cozy to me
How far from this hotel to the sea?

Great overview)

It was just like 7 minutes walk away from the sea.

Lookin good as usual👌😉🙌

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