Underwater video of a turtle at the Manta Point in Indonesia!

in dtube •  11 days ago

Hey dear Dtubers and Steemians,

my first scuba dive in Indonesia in October 2018 was at the so called Manta Point at the south west coast of the island Nusa Penida. I was lucky to see some big Mantas at the beginning of the dive and later I also had the luck to see a turtle there. The view underwater was not the best at this diving spot on this day, but good enough to record this little video of the turtle.

Greetings and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24


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This so much fun...Cheers!


Yes scuba diving is my favourite hobby and it´s a lot of fun. Cheers @straighttalk!

Wow what a beautiful place, you're really lucky.

@future24, Nice one. Your first scuba dive so adorable. You dived down of the ocean. Beautiful place included beauty fish models.


Yes my first scuba dive in Indonesia was really nice. It was not my first scuba dive ever, I have over 85 scuba dives now and Im a licensed advanced open water diver, but it was my first time in Indonesia. This country is really beautiful and the people are very friendly there. Thanks for your visit and greetings @madushanka!


Oh....I thought it's your fist time. Sorry for the misunderstand. Yeah...Indonesia peoples friendly and nice collaboration they have. I have more online friends in Indonesia.