Vlog #121: Im showing you the streets of Victoria on Gozo island!

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Hey dear Dtubers and Steemians,

this is my next travel Vlog and in this video Im showing you the streets of the capital city of Gozo island, Victoria. Victoria is also known as Rabat and for the native Maltese people and has a total population of around 6,900.

In the heart of Victoria lies the Cittadella (Citadel), formerly known as il Castello, which has been the centre of activity of the island since possibly Neolithic times, but is known to be first fortified during the Bronze Age c. 1500 BC. It was later developed by the Phoenicians and continued into becoming a complex Acropolis by Roman times.

Its a beautiful little city with interesting architecture and nice restaurants with delicious food. There is also a central bus station, from where you can reach almost every place of Gozo island.

Stay tuned for my next Vlogs and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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