Vlog #186: In the Jacuzzi on the rooftop of the Dioskouroi Hotel on Crete island!

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Hi dear Dtubers and Steemians,

its time for the next Vlog of my travel trip to Crete island in Juli/August!

In this video my (Ex) girlfriend Ada and me enjoyed the morning in the Jacuzzi/Whirlpool of the Dioskouroi Hotel in Agia Pelagia, after the cleaning women annoyed us to early in the morning (More details in the video)...

The water temperature of the Jacuzzi was perfect for me in the sun, but for Ada it was a little bit cold and she went out after some minutes. ^^ But later she came inside again and it was the perfect morning to start the day.

Diouskouroi is a very lovely small Hotel and its very nice that they have this rooftop with Jacuzzi and they also have a swimming pool down. We enjoyed our time there a lot and the roomtour video of our apartment is also coming soon.

Stay tuned for my next Vlogs and see you!

Jonas - @future24

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Ah, Jonas @future24 breaking hearts again... 😉 Wel, the jacuzzi looks great and the weather even better. Those damn cleaning ladies...

Haha yes, those damn cleaning ladies... xD
Have a nice time in Thailand @misslasvegas and hopefully see you next year again!
Im looking forward for funny Vlogs of the Steemfest in Thailand on your blog.

I will try not to disappoint @future24... ;) Will miss you and the entourage there, but yes...next year!

Yes for sure next year again! I wanted to come this year too again, but I really have some important appointments in November, that´s why I cant join unfortunely...

OK, you're forgiven...😉 I hope you're appointments turn out great. We'll keep you updated from Thailand :)

Of course and I wish you a great time in Thailand! Keep me updated.

Of course and I wish
You a great time in Thailand!
Keep me updated.

                 - future24

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