Vlog #173: My trip to the Kournas Lake on Crete island - Part 1!

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Hello dear Dtubers and Steemians,

here is my next Vlog of my travel trip to Crete island and this video is the first part of a little Vlog documentation.

On Crete island there is one lake with wonderful clear sweet water and many people told me, that it´s really worth a visit. So I rented a car for one day and drived to the so called Kournas lake.

The Kournas lake is around one hour away from Agia Pelagia and I started my trip to this lake in the morning. Unfortunely Ada had to work and so I drived there alone, but I love adventures and enjoy such exciting trips a lot. I also have no problem to travel in other countries alone, such as to Bali last year.

This video here is the start of my trip to the Kournas lake and I recorded some more videos on the way to Kournas to show you the wonderful nature of Crete island. So stay tuned for the next parts and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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