Vlog #57: Receive 100 Steemhunt Tokens daily for installing the Chrome Extension!

in dtube •  5 months ago

Hey Dtubers and Steemians,

in my new Vlog here I want to draw attention to the Steemhunt Token Airdrop for installing the Google Chrome Browser plugin once again.

Some hours ago I have published an article with more information and Screenshots about it too. Here you can find the article about the Steemhunt Token Airdrop: https://steemit.com/steemhunt/@future24/daily-steemhunt-token-airdrop-for-installing-the-new-chrome-extension-100-steemhunt-tokens-per-day-86026533609f5est

By installing the new Google Chrome Browser Extension by @steemhunt, you can receive 100 Steemhunt Tokens per day, just for logging in to your Browser with the installed Google Chrome Extension.

Greetings and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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That sounds great. I haven't heard about it before. Are they going SMT as well??


Hey nice, that´s why I wanted to inform people over Dtube about this Airdrop again!
Yes it will be a Smart Media Token.

@ future24 these are good news dear friend, I did not know this information, thank you very much for the information
I wish you a wonderful night


Thank you for the feedback @jlufer and greetings!