Vlog #104: Do you already know dclick.io?

in dtube •  13 days ago

Hey dear Dtubers and Steemians,

today I recorded a new Vlog and in this video I´m talking about the new Dapp on the Steem Blockchain: @dclick - https://www.dclick.io!!

It´s something like Google Adsense for Steemit blogs and allows us to monetize Steemit articles with Pay-Per-Click advertisings. You can login on the website via SteemConnect with your Steemit account details and monetize Steemit articles by clicking on "Monetize". There you can write a new article, or monetize an older article with "Monetize by URL". There will be an text- or image ad in the footer of your chosen article and you will earn dclick Tokens with each click on this advertisement. dlick Tokens will be an Smart Media Token after the launch and you can already start to collect them.

On the other hand dclick.io is an opportunity for advertisers to place ads on in Steemit blog articles of other bloggers and they can pay for it in STEEM or SBD.

This is a very nice idea and I will write a tutorial with Screenshots about this plattform in the next days too.

Greetings and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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Yeah it is indeed doing great and liked it by the way.


Yes the plattform is a very nice idea and yes you are right, it´s dclick.io. 👍 :D

Yeah I know about dclick, I don't plan on using it since I want full control of my posts without ads below but it's a cool dapp. I can see how it benefits the STEEM.

Hi, @future24!

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Nice! :D

I tried it on a few posts. Didn't seem to get any epc si I gave up.

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