Yes, I think one can go full time on dtube but there are somethigns which needs to be improved if we really want to compete with youtube.

We will have to provide all kind of stuff on dtube from songs to tutorial to movies to small shows to game video.
Other thing is our payout period is very low while on the other hand at youtube you get paid for longlife.

Hey man I've been a long time subscriber to your YouTube channel and I'm stoked that you've finally migrated over to Steemit and DTube. Also I though it was hilarious that your wife thought it was a pom site :-D She is hilarious and a great match for you. I'm so happy for you man, you have overcome so much in the past few years!

Thanks man!

nice yes...

Thank you follow you blog and vote.

YT is a mess. And seems to be leaning more mainstream every day. Half the videos on the trending page are from commercial 'tv'.

Feel lucky that you get 100K in a day, at least it's something.

But, seriously every time you make a video on YT push your audience here with some unique content and get them upvoting and then you can make this work.

There currently isn't the critical mass needed to support all popular creators, but if you can bring across those 100K loyal watchers then you'll be sitting pretty at the top of the Steemit heap.

Even 100K @ $0.01 votes will net you $1000 per video

But they'll grow and their votes will be worth more over time. Plus the value of steem is another multiplier.

Use the YT attention while you still have it.

Be your own advertising agency.

Communities are coming soon and you'll be able to leverage this too.

Just start today, before those eyes balls are looking elsewhere.

YT is 'fucked' and they just don't know it yet.

Oh, they know it, that's why they've been hiding my videos about these decentralized platforms.

you definitely need to do dtube full time

YouTube has fucked me too man. It's a crucial time for me and my family, really hoping I can continue to grow on Dtube! Thanks for the great content Pete!

Pete, I understood you are struggling. Keep it up man, it's a bad times for the whole crypto scene.

Really very interesting post dear, I like it and enjoy it, keep it up and thanks for sharing with us, and I'm waiting for your next post, Thank You. in my view just needs advertisement, because now d.tubers are mostly crypto dude's :/

You should start promoting Dtube on your youtube and all your other social media accounts.

you should at first ask the question is ready? first impression is important.

I feel like elaborating on why he is getting less views on YouTube: the reason he (and many others) are getting less views is because YouTube changed the 'suggested videos' in a way that is very tailored to each user, whereas before it would almost be guaranteed that the next video that would be suggested would be by the same creator that is being watched at that point. I think they made a statement that this is to ensure people stay on the site longer, but it seems they are definitely favouring certain kinds of content and secretly blacklisting others, which is a shame... But if they continue to mess with creators like this then people will start to leave and I think that's exactly what they want tbh so that they only have content that is considered 'family friendly' Anyways, very interesting video!

Steemit needs open registrations otherwise services like Dtube will never get enough steam (pun intended) to get enough users to allow anyone in western world to to full time Dtube as their main source of income. It is just not enough users to support something like that. Being on as many platforms as possible is ideal right now.

Eat as many cheeseburgers as possible!!!

Nice video - thanks. I'm new to D-tube, but moved over here when my YouTube channel was terminated in the recent Purge... I like it over here, but you're right - some stuff could use improvement. I'm still pretty new so still figuring out the ins and outs of how it all works. At this point I'm just happy to be able to upload all my content and not worry about getting censored. For blogging, I already like Steemit better than Blogspot for it's ease of formatting - so easy to adjust to and so simple. YouTube is really sucking these days - it's nice to see lots of people moving to these more independent and user based platforms. Hopefully more and more will keep coming over, and they will soon begin to be able to actually compete with YouTube.

let's go decentralized.

i think it could be done but you'd have to be ready for some hard times at least until dtube gets more popular and more stable.

Why Not?
You can Go Full Tume On Dtube :)

Hey Bro, I Like Your Video...
Thanks for it.

I Upvote you 100% & I Re-Steem Your Post 😊

He said that it will not pay his bills

hey you look really nice......

hi man you are good and your chennel have a lot of subcriber waoooo its nice man

Cześć! I was following you for so long, you should definitely start doing FT here!

Just do more behind the scenes, do some educational videos, vlog like a mofo!

Okay kurwa!

One day I would like to see DTube as a strong YouTube competition.

I think the best thing is to be where you feel comfortable and if it is Dtube use it. Greetings from Venezuela

What were the settings you used on DLive? It can be heavily reliant on those, specifically bitrate - the platform can't really support above 2000 bitrate very well, so you've got to lower bitrate to that and increase the load on your CPU to increase quality. I'd be happy to walk you through it if you wanted!

Also, watching you come up with the thumbnail was hilarious. I loved seeing that little glimpse into how you do your videos haha!

I see reading and enjoying, amazingly good postings you, innovative and and add knowledge. Thanks for sharing

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

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Another cool thing.

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You're not lying there. It took me a week to get my credentials. However, it probably will be worth it in the end.

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I have personally come to realization that steem price is unbearably low atm. It would be nice to see how much is that steem pool worth that is shared.

I have completely stopped uploading on youtube and facebook for almost 4 months. Youtube and google have been hammering down on cryptocurrency ads so for an entreprenuer like me, dtube and steemit is the platform I use to post and comment without the fear of being censored or demonetised. Anyways great video pete.

Too early in the game to go fulltime on dtube i reckon .
But deff can happen in the future .

Hello pete, when new polish lesson? Kurwaaaa!

Hey Bro appreciate your thoughts. Maybe you could give me some advice. I tried posting a video here but it won't load. Any advice on what video codec/file type is recommended for this platform?

This actually is sage advice. With the way YouTube is, it's even bad for those of us on YouTube who are commercial free (save for two bogus ID claims) and it's to the point there of do we want to post up the content or just post up "safe" content there, while putting up other content here. it is a conundrum at its very best. However, I still will accept the challenge, and continue on with my creative exploits, and hope people actually like my content.

Thanks for your support of Dtube @furiouspete123! It is encouraging to see such such belief in this young platform. How can I contact you with a business inquiry?

Great points...YouTube is definitely not being fair. Steem on ..Best wishes :)

I don't get your frustration, YT is a left wing tool which promotes deviance and agenda.

well said. Youtube is not a place id desire to post videos. Dtube at least seems and shows more potential.
For a serious and business youtube user like you; just post it to both accounts :D

Yeah man! I've been following you on Youtube for a long time and recently joined Steemit. When I see guys like you posting on these platforms I feel like I've ended up in the right place :D Good luck wherever you post your furiousness, love it!

I love your post, I really congratulate you, I hope to see you always here collaborating in this way with us, thanks for good

Good to see another YouTuber has crossed over. Good content creators deserve to make money without fear of YouTube demonitization for daring to entertain your audience with something other than vlogs

big money influence has ruined Youtube and has created a power-vacuum to the large creators who in reality are 60% backed by click-farms and automation.

You can go full time on any platform and in anything. It is only matter of time and effort. Go with the flow - work hard, play hard and enjoy your life:)

YouTube has really gone downhill ever since Google took it over. The censorship there is crazy, too. I had a small channel that was getting some traction, but it got deleted after I posted videos about the Florida shooting. I came here and also tried Minds and Bitchute. Honestly, I think Bitchute has a great platform. I'm still trying to make my way here. Good video!

Loving how you think about this stuff and i also feel like youtube is dying on the inside... i hope so much DTUBE will take over all the current users on youtube needs less crypto people. It's nice seeing you on here!

Hey , thanks for sharing! i to be happy Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post!

Sound like a dream! Keep it up! You can surely do!

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

Nice video bro. If you want to come to me ;)

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