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Author Reading



10 SBI - to be shared between the entries

Depending on how many we get, we might round up.

  • Everyone gets a 100% upvote and a resteem from the Freewrite House.

  • Everyone will get some voting love from One Love DTube.

  • We will share your entry on twitter and facebook. Let me know if you will be part of the Freewrite Sharers!

  • Your entries will be resteemed by @mariannewest (and other sharers)

  • Your entries will be featured in the Daily Prompt.

You have until next Sunday evening Pacific Time to share your author reading.
You may enter more than once.

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The SBI will be shared among the participants this time but we are open to suggestions.

Pick your favorite and tell us in the comments

  1. SBI equally shared between all entries.
  2. Random drawing - one takes it all.
  3. Random drawing - 2 winners with 5 SBI each.
  4. Judged decision to have one or two winners.
  5. Your suggestion....

Please let us know in the comments what you prefer - and we are open to sponsors!!

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How To Produce an Author Reading

  • First you have to write your story. At this time, you may choose any freewrite prompt we have had in the past. In the future, we might change that to a specific prompt.

  • Rewrite and edit your story to your heart’s content. You also have no length constrictions - it is entirely up to you.

  • Read and record your story on video. Publish to DTube (and YouTube).

  • Use the tags: freeread, onelovedtube, and if you wish, family77

  • Drop a link to your reading in the comments section of this post.

Here are some hints:

  • Practicing your reading might be a good thing.
  • Choose a quiet environment to do your reading. Remember that AC units, heaters, dishwashers and such can be very disturbing in the background.
  • Check out the acoustics of the room - bare walls are not a good thing for audio.
  • If you are outside, make sure that the background noises fit into your story.
  • Get a tripod or something to stabilize your camera/phone.
  • Use a microphone if you can. A simple headphone with microphone can work well.
  • Do a test first and check your sound, background and so forth.
  • If you don’t want to show yourself reading the story, make sure that you have permission to use all images. Read the permissions carefully that they apply for video.
  • Have fun!!

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A Sample Process

I have Apple devices and will share here what I am doing.

  • I record the reading with my iPhone on a tripod and either a micorphone or the headphones with build in microphone that came with my phone.
  • I airdrop the vidoe to my laptop.
  • I import the video into iMovie and edit.
  • The graphics are created in Canva. I use custom dimensions 800x450
  • I upload the finished video to YouTube.
  • Then, I download the mp4 file from YouTube
  • Open DTube - remember, only your posting key is required
  • Upload the video, snap, and text.
  • Publish

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Some great advice from @kaerpediem:

Another suggestion on recording audio
I record mine directly onto the laptop
iMovie and almost all video editors have the record function, just click on the microphone button and it records on the voice track and then you can edit accordingly :)

After all that, drop the link in the comments of the contest post.

If you are running into problems, make sure to check out the OneLoveDTube discord. On the discord, lots of tech support is waiting for you. They are a great bunch of people. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Here is your invite to the One Love DTube channel

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More on the author reading contest!!

The most wonderful thing about this contest that we are in cooperation with OneLoveDTube! Two communities working together is always better than everyone doing their own thing.

Right now, as with any brand-new things, we shall see where it leads us. My true hope is that we, as a community, will be shaping this contest - including the questions we asked above. Here they are again.

  • What kind of prizes or rewards we can offer.
  • Will it be a judged contest?
  • Random drawing.
  • Or shared rewards for all participants?
  • Will we try to find sponsors.

Also, at a future time, I want to create a Freewrite House podcast that will feature selected readings as part of the podcast. That will give the authors a much wider audience.

Other plans are to gather selected freewrites into e-books with an audio-book companion.

Those are ideas, dreams, plans at this point and together, we can make it happen!

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Here is the YouTube version if needed.

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Make sure to participate in all the fun events at the Freewrite House

Regular Features

  • Announce the Adoptee -Monday
  • Recommend your Favorite Freewrite and Win SBI - Tuesday
  • We-Write and win SBI - Every other Wednesday
  • Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite Poem - Wednesday
  • Freewrite Favorites - Thursday
  • Adopt Me!! -Friday
  • Author Readings- Saturday
  • Poetry Digest - Sunday

* Month-long fiction contest
* Stories of Venezuela

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Participate in the Daily 5-Minute Freewrite Prompt found @mariannewest

Look for these graphics

Follow us on Twitter:

▶️ DTube

Here is a WeRead by @mariannewest, @improv and all in the same video: reading the WeWrite "Wild and Wooly... and twaggling":

Thank You for being first to participate, Good Luck!

I would suggest, share the 10 SBI units: examples
7 entries ~ 1 SBI units each. Drawings for 3 SBI
5 entries ~ 2 SBI units each
3 entries ~ 3 SBI units each. Drawing for last SBI
1 entry ~ 10 SBI units

Thank you! that sounds like a good plan!

Agreed that sounds fair!

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