What Direction Do You Want the Freewrite House to Go?

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Here are some of the Projects we have done at the Freewrite House since we started the account.

  • Recommend your Favorite Freewrite and Win SBI
  • We-Write and win SBI
  • Freewrite Favorites
  • Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite Poem
  • Freewrite Poetry
  • Adopt Me!!
  • Over 20 Club
  • Over 100 Club

Which ones to you want us to continue? Which ones would you like to manage?


Right now we are voting in the following way:

  • Delegators
  • People who write posts for the Freewrite House
  • People who participate in contests
  • People who comment on the Freewrite House posts
  • Prizes
  • Posts we feature
  • Adoptees
  • Encouragers
  • Support contests like Punday Monday by @improv and #zapfic by @felt.buzz

I would like to find a way to support our Venezuelan Freewrite Community more.

What are your thoughts?

I also would like to have the Freewrite House be one of the communities @nathanmars wants to see thrive on Steem. Also, some of the new ideas are planned as a co-operation between the freewritehouse and #onelovedtube. More about that tomorrow.

Here is the YouTube Version if you need it

I am, as @mariannewest, a member of the DTubefamily777 and am using the tags because of that.

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Hi @mariannewest of the freewritehouse,

First of all, please take a blow from all of the Steemians here for your selfless initiative to support the "Venezuelan Freewrite Community."

It takes a great mind to lend a helping hand to those in need.

While thinking about as to what more can we do to support them more, i got an idea.

It is also like more of a contest. The name is "Pick a picture & write a feature"

The picture maybe either from the picture they picked/clicked and taking that as a topic, the writer should write some interesting features .

I have just given you an outline and hope it will help you more to help them MORE!

Thank you again @mariannewest!


Thank you for your feedback! Very much appreciated!

I am fairly new to the freewrite initiative and have only participated in the daily 5 minute prompt so far. It's great to find out about the other projects and in time I hope to join in. I haven't any ideas yet, but I do like the sound of @dranuvar's idea of exploring Venezuela through their literature.


Thank you for your input. I also like that idea a lot!

I am an intermittent freewriter, comment maker, and favorites nominator. The Freewritehouse really got me going on Steemit, and I appreciate all of the currently-operating projects, even though I have not participated in all of them. I am grateful for other people who have wonderful project ideas, because I can't think of any at the moment.


Thank you so much!! And we always love when you have time to participate in our activities​!

I love everything the freewrite house did. Although I can't join all due to time. And other commitments. And you do so much for the community and also for the Venezuela community.

My hats off to you Marianne. 🎩🙂


Look who is talking ❤️ You are a shining example of the glue that makes a community hold together!


Wow... This is a compliment I will need time to digest and swallow. I only work behind the scene. Haven't got to really hold the community together. So your words truly encouraged me. ❤️


That is the most important work!

@freewritehouse, In my opinion, After going through from this post it's reflecting as Freewritehouse done effective and Engagement boosting work and i really want to appreciate for that. And good wishes from my side for the future Initiatives and Collaborations. Stay blessed team. 🙂

Good to know about the poetry and when it comes to poetry i never leave an opportunity to showcase my work.


And i came up with an Project called @your-poet which is part of LINKSEVEN77 too.



Perfect!! I hope that we can cooperate on some future projects!


Perfect!! I hope that
We can cooperate on
Some future projects!

                 - freewritehouse

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Yes Team. Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

Hey, @freewritehouse!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steemit project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

Additional comment:Your decision to ask the crowd about your future development is one more proof that you are the community which deserves support. Good luck!


@crowdmind and @hidden84 - you are one of the great initiatives here on Steem. I hope that we can do a collaborative project soon!!

Hi, I am a participant in the We-writes and a commentor /voter for favorite freewrites. @mariannewest Freewritehouse is attracting a lot of talent which did not have access or experienced a like minded crowd. I thoroughly enjoyed all I have seen of your work till now( Not much I admit , and only on Steemit). No suggestions come to my mind now just a comment. You get lovely feedback on the stories of the participants, this type of involvement is amazing. I have myself enjoyed a lot and learned from them. Thank you!!

@freewritehouse and all it's contributors deserve A salute from Steemit and Steemians- This is a community for word lovers and everyone is invited.
Keep Steemin!!


Thank you so much for your comment!!! It is always great to see your participation in the projects!

I've enjoyed all of our projects and have benefitted from all of them. They are easy tasks and even the novice Steemian could participate. Hopefully we can continue supporting the @freewritehouse so future planktons have a place to gather and thrive. 🙏



Bruni! You are such an important part of the Freewrite House!! You know that, right?


Yes, I realized that, but no one is more dedicated than you Marianne. You are our rock. 💕


You are so sweet!!

Like others have said, all projects are beneficial, all of them are enjoyable, so if possible, all of them should stay. But I would make a couple of extra comments:

-Both "Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite Poem" and "Freewrite Poetry" are special to me since I formally initiated myself in writing through poetry before starting narrative, and I also think that poetry falls behind narrative in regards to how much attention it receives. So, this 2 should be kept active and supported, so the poetic part of the community keeps on living.

-About how to help the venezuelan community... well here is my idea: we venezuelans have a rich literary culture, from colorful and/or spooky folk tales, to the more formal/academic/serious novels and short stories (and everything in between), but all of that remains largely unkown to the world (by some strange and murky reasons), so... what if a contest is organized to bring into the light that literature?, I'm not sure exactly how it could be done, but it could be a daily or weekend freewrite for that, or something montly and maybe more complex/big but with a prompt that venezuelan freewriters would have to relate with something traditional... maybe I would think of something better, but the general idea is: we are a writing community, let the venezuelans write about Venezuela.


I love that so much!!! Do you think you are interested in doing this as part of the Freewrite House? Let me know if you are and we can talk details on Discord.


you can count me as interested of course!, I just don't know exactly what will be my way of supporting it all, since I'm still quite a newbe in regards to how steemit works, but I guess that's what we would talk about in discord... In regards to that, should I post my discord username here or what?


How about you join our discord and then, we can start a convo. Here is an invite. https://discord.gg/JFDu4xj


Joined already


Esto promete algo bueno....


Let's hope so!!

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I dunno... I just love you guys and hope that I can free up enough time in the near future to start participating again. Also, @ntowl suggested nominating @freewritehouse for this delegation: https://steemit.com/steem/@theycallmedan/10k-delegation-poll

So I did. Go over there and cast your vote!


Thank you so much!!!