Just stop rushing the process

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I know that all have had something that we wanted to learn and do. Sometimes we want to jump in and then have the experience of someone that has been doing it go a long time.

Today was like that for with my meditation. I was all set up on a pillow and sitting in half lotus. I was cleared out and focused on my breath. I was trying something new, and it was more of mindful meditation. I was able to stay with my mind cleared and felt like I was winning!

I jumped in today hoping that my experience would be like somwone that has spent a lifetime meditating. This is just one example of a time that I wanted to rush the process.

Is there something you can recall that you rusgmhed or should have worked through? Lets hear it in the comments.

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I came to know about mindful meditation from the @naturalmedicine channel and all the breathing things. Yeah, it takes time to concentrate and see the result. I do some breathing practice but not regularly. I usually forget about it. :(

That is great. It is a great skill to learn and practice!

Feel like I'm rushing rushing rushing all the time. So much going on. But I do always find a moment each day to sit for 15mins and meditate. A noisy kind of mediation with deep breathing from the belly to the head ;)

Thanks for doing what you do bro!

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