What a Win feels like

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Have you ever thought about what a win feels like? I guess I haven't really until today.

Most of the time we think that a win always has something positive attached to it. What if it had a negative effect.

Is all winning the same? Is it all about being the best or beating someone else? Could it just be a situation?

Lastnight and today Stacie D and I have been in contact with our developer. He is creating the most amazing dApp you can check out The Inner Blocks dApp.

It has been about a month and a half since we have really talked. He was deployed for military duty, and a month is like a year in the digital world.

I met this experience with excitement! Ready to jump in and push harder. Stacie D on the other hand was met with shaky nerves and an anxious feeling. Haha not all winning just feels like a win.

Be well
~The Yeti


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I don't know what a win feels like.

My mother has beaten out of me any happiness in wins, plus a wall of terror.
I finish a project that the clients love, and all i see are a bunch of flaws, and that some time in the future they are going to show up, and i will feel ashamed.

Glad you made it.

Dang .. That...was ...a ...depressing comment..... Haha I hope you feel a win soon!!!

I feel that is my major problem.
It is very hard to motivate yourself without that win feeling.

It is also very hard to reignite something... that you don't even know the feeling of.

It is an dark, underwater cage... where i don't even know which way is up.

I will keep trying.