My new gas forge came! Reaction!

in dtube •  15 days ago  (edited)

Today is the day!! I know what you are thinking.."another video today" and the answer is always yes!!

I learned a while ago that life is content. If you are living a life you love, then there is always someone that will enjoy it with you.

Today my new gas forge came in the mail!! So now I am starting my new aadventure of going back to knife making.

I have made knives with less equipment down in Southern Missouri. When we moved I sold it all or gave it away. So now it is like a fresh start.

The first thing on my list was a forge. Now I will be able to do any heating that I need, and way more efficiently than I used to.

With new equipment and some mentoring...I think I may be able to take it up a couple notches!

Thank you all for joining me today as I jump into this adventure!

Be well
~The Yeti

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