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My response to the witness chat today 9/11/2019.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were surrounded by people that thought they might know what is best for you? That may be a good way to describe listening to the top 20 speak. I will not name names or point fingers, I try to only make vlogs about perspective.

It was very informative. I learned alot. Actually, I try to catch all of the amazing ideas that the crowd puts out there and the witnesses just pass over. I think there are great ideas and concerns on the blockchain.

Stacie D and I hear you. We are trying to watch everything that is happening and then find a way to be an active part in it all. As we build out the front end for Inner Blocks, we are remembering these chats.

Be well
~The Yeti

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Steemit Inc was replacing an employee not hiring a new one. With the number of cuts they have made to staff, I rather expect passing on replacing wasn't really an option. Especially when the employee is responsible for generating their ad revenues.

Thanks for the feedback on the Witness Chat. I do my best to catch as many questions as possible during the chat and getting them asked but can't get them all.

Thanks for the great comment! I think you do an amazing job hosting!

Thank You!