We are not 100% of the natural balance

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Balance with nature is the most vital aspect of all life. The last couple of days I have had several conversations with several people about the way we humans fit into the world.

The way we see our place also determines the way we see the role of other things in our lives. The life and function of a tree, or the raging use of bleach as a cleaner.

Be well. Be encouraged. Be radical.

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Very well said. Your life depends on the earth qualitity. We can´t act against natures laws. Mother earth is sending us lessons again and again. If we ignore all the time the world can´t getting better. We have to change ourselves and be grateful for living there on mother earth.

What a wonderful comment. Thank you! I agree. Life is amazing and it should flow.

👍👏👏👏True words bro "The life and function of a tree, or the raging use of bleach as a cleaner"

i will check. thanks to share brother.

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Very insightful, I've had this perspective myself for quite sometime and its nice to see there are others out there with it too :)

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Thank you. I love what I called thoughts feom the universe. It is just clarity. Be well