Let's Tear Everyone Down...So WE Can Feel Good

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I am jumping right into this today with the most obvious thing in our world ...tearing everything down to make us feel better about ourselves.

I do not believe that we were made to hate or geared toward negative things. I believe that love is in our DNA. Somehow that has been distorted, and now we are so insecure about ourselves...the only way to tell something is good is to make sure that everything different is seen as bad.

I have witnessed this a couple of times just this week. One was during a marketing meeting where all of the talking points were about how negative the opposition is. Unable to build up the product for just being awesome...but needing the other product to suck. Having to appeal to the masses through a negative conditioning.

The other was on one of the many social media sites I am on. This person chose to completely tear apart someone's personal religious views....just to make their view the only correct view. So in this case...apparently the person thought that the only way forward was for everyone to only believe what they did. Or maybe not. Maybe they did just want to destroy an entire culture.

I believe that we are being programmed and conditioned for these responses. Everything we see is geared toward negative or darkness. Every bit of "news" is about negative. What can they say to stir the pot. Or "if it bleeds it leads".

What happened to the days when people were confident and secure enough in who they are that they didn't have to destroy others. Or what happened to the times when the news used to include positive things?

This world is drastically different from how it has ever been, and I don't think it is for the better. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Be well
~The Yeti




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I'm right there with you: remember when news channels followed the Fairness Doctrine, and told multiple sides of the stories they reported on?

It's like the old VW commercial, where they parodied other car commercials that tore down their competition, by comparing the VW to an apple. As in a literal apple.

The Volkswagen does X. The apple does not. The VW is equipped with Y. The apple is not.

It was a brilliant piece of marketing, as you can tell, since I still remember it 30+ years later. As I recall, Dick Cavett was their spokesperson, and he was the perfect straight man for the job.

I tried to link it, but all I could find were his ads for Apple computers, which are fun, but not nearly as creative and funny.

My first stepson went through a period of tearing others down, to make himself feel better, but to his and his parents' credit, he grew out of it pretty quickly.

Unfortunately we have a lot of nonfunctioning "adults" doing the same, often far more egregiously, and it has sadly become par for the course during the Trump era.

I, and many others of my acquaintance, are doubling down in our efforts to be polite and civil to others.

Let us each be peacemakers in our own lives. It begins and ends with us.

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haha right. That sounds awesome. I have not seen that ad. But yeah, that is what I am talking about. Used to advertising did not include direct comparison or slander...

Precisely. And the good ads still don't.

As you said, if whatever you're selling doesn't stand up on it's own merit, that's on you, and perhaps you need to rethink what you're doing.

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I Soo love this topic... it's so true